Parliament: the displaced file and the salaries of staff and the fight against corruption requires the priorities of government support

01/13/2016 14:45 pm (Baghdad time)

Special scales News
MP from the Kurdistan Alliance Majid Chenkali, on Wednesday, that there are three priorities that the government should provide them with all the support and assistance Daash the first of the fight against criminal gangs, corruption, and on one area, and then the file of interest displaced and the provision of staff salaries.

He's Chenkali / scales News /, that "these three priorities that the government should be working on very seriously and emphatically, actually and 2016 should be the year that the eradication of corruption and expose the corrupt and the corrupt."

He pointed to Chenkali, that "there is favoritism and compliments on the expense of the rights of the Iraqi people and that this does not end, but the Council of Ministers to take firm and decisive decisions at the same time by working on real reforms, as well as to reassure citizens that he can live in safety."

Chenkali and demanded the government to "restore the stolen money and looted since 2003 and the present day as the last report of the US State Department confirms that there are" 222 "billion dollars to Iraqi politicians Korsdh banks in the world."

The prime minister Haider al-Abadi had pledged on Saturday to stamp out corruption this year amid criticism of the religious authority, Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani that the government does not make much effort to fight graft. Ended 20 / D 24