European countries are moving to help Iraq regain his money stolen

01.13.2016 at 12:32 (GMT Baghdad)

Special - scales News
Detection of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee member Abdul Karim Alabtan, Wednesday, about the movement of some European countries to find out who owns properties or invest the money on the expense of Iraq, while stressing that the committee disclose all past corruption and corrupt files.

He's Alabtan / scales News /, that "the government is supposed to move towards the recovery of Iraqi funds from abroad, attributing the cause that Iraq is going through a major economic crisis", calling for "recovered to strengthen Iraq's financial situation."

He added, "Some European countries began accountability of feel that they are the properties owners on the Iraqi capital account, especially after the recent decision of which emerged from the British Security Council," stressing that "Iraq spoke with Italy and other countries, whether there are properties of money and Extraordinary exist In their banks or are investing in real estate these countries. "

State and called on the public prosecution, to "move to recover the money," pointing out that "the prime minister began to move and put a time limit of between six months to a year to detect all corrupt files."

He pointed out, that "the past the Commission in exposing all the corruption and corrupt files," stressing that "the Commission can not accuse the block or a particular person but treasury Iraq came to the state and the stolen funds through contracts, front companies and people and extravagance and goods are corrupt."

He continued, "All the papers will reveal by the judiciary being the owner of the power with respect to the first arrest and the recovery of funds," noting that "he was involved from the right of Iraqis to pay and the right to a fair sanction of law."

The member of the committee emerging relations Razak al-Haidari accused, earlier, the government and executive authorities of failing in the restoration of Iraqi funds from overseas countries, while stressing that the Iraqi ambassadors abroad spirited Saddam Hussein's defunct regime's thinking. It ended 29 quarters e