The financial crisis between reform and corruption

1/13/2016 0:00

Mohammed Sharif Abu Mayssam
How can the country that goes beyond the current financial crisis in light of attrition caused by the continuation of the war with terrorism and the continuing decline in oil prices?

Economists in a question to answer may be different in the light of the data that emerged from our last stage relating specifically including resulted in financial mismanagement and the scourge of corruption.

And the difference here is not about trends calling for the support of the private sector and reduce government spending and stimulate domestic production and protect it from dumping the commodity and thus reducing the dependence on imports to cover domestic demand needs and prevent hard currency outflow »as all these steps and others related to the importance of the application of economic laws that govern market relations and protect domestic producers and consumers alike beside the importance of directing spending and work progressive tax system and activating the role of public companies and the support of the Military Industrialization machine, was and still is an urgent demands of each national votes involved in economic affairs.

However, the sticking point is reflected in how to achieve these objectives and the nature of the management of these urgent variables in dealing with its details executive same device that abused abundance of money over the past years, how this device which intertwine the interests of some political figures and groups window and groups across the state tools to deal with scarcity of funds to implement the reform steps?

Prime Minister and despite all the fallout from the collapse of oil prices and the resulting previous phase, is found in this crisis, he said «the power and usefulness of the positive stimulus, which the government began to play through the promotion of industry and pressure government expenditures and accelerate the reform» .. This perception reflects confidence Iraq high potential depending on the facilities available and assumptions proper employment and possible energies and resources.

But the goodwill and accuracy of planning are not sufficient to put processors in place the implementation was not based on the precision and rigor government to a sound of loyalties and patronage and dependency and lack of diligence et seq of the practices of diseases do not stop at the exchange of gifts and the gifts and the use of bribes and all forms of abuse of public money and even beyond to the employment potential of the state in favor of the corrupt and their projects suspicious, and most importantly, what breeding for this huge number of quotas and corruption over the years after the change and the previous obstacles and difficulties caused by corruption, starting assume many of the corrupt and ignorant and retarded positions and dragged him behind of regiments to family and clan and followers and the end of the fade has recently scaled qualified and loyal.

All agree that crises often make a historic turning points in the paths peoples social, economic and configurations, as evidenced the role of reformers and politicians discerning in such a crisis, and often generate ideas and interpretations and heroes in the face of challenges.

Accordingly, the vision of the Prime Minister needs a real revolution against corruption based on the principle «the experimenter does not try» and start of obliging all ministries and affiliated institutions and departments not associated with the Ministry in the adoption of disclosure and transparency in the trading session and dealings on their websites and to exempt ministers who fail to implement this cram in a state institution for their ministries in a maximum period of three months, it does not end the corrupt exemption or Almtlkian from office, but forwarded their files to the investigative committees linked to the office of Chairman Ministers and do the principle of «Where did you get this?».

To restore confidence between the people and the government is the most important element in any reform project is intended to initiate doing now, and this confidence is that will increase the strength of public support for based on the reform process, the time will be the likelihood of spending and to support the real sectors and sectors chock her with putting an end to the smuggling of currency, steps achievable, and it will go the central bank for banks specialized amount of loans 6 trillion dinars to its development goals, and returned prestige regulators is forbidden spoilers for the payment of bribes or abuse of public money, and the return of public companies to be profitable companies will work for each trust sector and managed economic development, and will be the citizen to pay wages and tariff services bear the brunt of price increases resulting from the application of rates of economic laws is a believer of the importance of austerity, as is a believer of the importance of the fight against terrorism .

Otherwise, the central loans will go to the pockets of followers and kin and payers gifts, as you go other than money backed previously, and it remains the private sector gasping behind the trade to make a quick profit, and find the citizen himself prey to the greed of merchants, as was prey to traffickers policy.

So pull the country out of the current financial crisis and the employment of this crisis out of the coat rentier economy, needs a revolution against corruption serve as the soul of the body of reform.