2016 in the palm of Abadi

1/13/2016 0:00

Nevzat Hassan
This strange year for all of us for the simple reason that its flavor is different from all the previous years, is subject to - I mean, in 2016 - something that did not exist in the past, a sense of poverty and talk about austerity and salaries that may be difficult for the government secured. I say quite frankly this year is similar to the result that you do not expect one. And everyone now face a new problem that did not show for the past years.

Yes strictly confidential as moving snake and faced an uncertain years no one knows where it will lead us, with the presence of Daash and corruption experienced overlooked story of the fall in oil prices to a serious degree. But the question that arises now is: But why did not expect anyone to go through this hard lesson one day tries to create alternatives to the inability of oil, for example? This issue may need to imagine the kind of unique. In politics there is what I would call the political imagination is a sign of the vitality of the spirit want to reach by the people to the status of best and most beautiful.

This political fiction was found in the depths of man from Sheikh Zayed model, he has one of his advisers told him that he was holding in his hand a branch and charting the different lines in the sand. Sheikh Zayed said the adviser, he wants to transform this desert to cities full of the organization. And actually the Sheikh is so masterful expression in this important task.

So the problem in the weakness of the political imagination when the ruling class, and this is what made us get to this mysterious point of democracy.

***The political power of imagination help to act, but they do not exist at all because it is more valuable than imagined Alktheron.lma had to think one juncture oil Christmlna with him to where he wants not to where Nrad.kna thought we exercise control over the oil-and through him all Sntgm He.hzh months have proved that the oil wealth march we're not from Aserha.uallana to know how to deal with them and use them to serve build a life of ease dominance of this liquid is tempting us.

**How it seems naive today the idea of ​​oil as a weapon in the battle. That was the time smelling the smell of nationalism, and this last time oil has become a painful story because it is no longer a solution, and it must look for alternative options with him.

**I would say that there are tourism, agriculture and industry sectors, and all this will be offset somewhat from the temporary oil disease. But is it really that our possibilities will provide part of what was provided that the heavy black liquor, which opened the eyes of the world upon us, and eventually stop its tender, after months may be due to normal strength we experience the sensation that make us feel reassured?

**I hope that is a Abadi of clay this year and last face-to Iraq after announcing that corruption and Daash Centhaan this year, is it will succeed in this mission?