Dhi Qar launches unified card project of the Senate market and plans to open 13 centers

2016-01-12 20:40:34 | (Voice of Iraq) - Dhi Qar

It announced the province of Dhi Qar management, on Tuesday, starting the first phase of a unified national card project in the province, (350 km south of Baghdad), starting with the elimination of Suq, as revealed near the opening of 13 new centers for the project during the next few months.

This came during an official ceremony to launch the unified national card project was held cultural center in the district of Suq, (30 km south of Nasiriyah), according to a statement issued by the governor of Dhi Qar Yahia Nasseri, took over the (long-Presse) a copy of it.

He said Yahia Nasseri, said that "the project of a unified national card began for the people spend Suq, as a first stage, in preparation for the dissemination of experience on other administrative units in the governorate," noting that "the opening of a unified national card circle in Suq is a first, followed by subsequent steps for the opening of 13 step Department for the issuance of a unified national card in the districts of Dhi Qar and its environs during the next few months. "

He said the Nazarene, that "a group of its members, police officers admitted to private sessions, has been coordinated with the concerned authorities in the Ministry of Interior to take over 13 system for the issuance of national card", noting that "the first meal of the unified national card in the district of Suq will be allocated to the families of martyrs in appreciation for their sacrifices and their role Supervisor in the defense of the land of Iraq and its people. "

He explained the Nazarene, the "unified national card and an important means to adjust the national identity and protect it from manipulation and fraud and to prevent without employed for the purpose of damaging the interests of Iraq, as an official document of high security features electronic system based in the granting of a national number for each Iraqi citizen within the consolidated database", returned "The national card statements from the important projects being abbreviated time and effort, and contribute to alleviate the burden on citizens, and facilitate their reviews to official circles and reduce the effects of red tape."

He said the governor, that the "national card provides the data required to process future planning, and provide the necessary information to enhance the security of citizens, and is of great importance in the organization of the required database in the detection of cases of fraud and corruption that are harmful to the national economy and the interests of citizens", praising "the role of the Ministry of Interior and Administration The local government in Dhi Qar and management spend Suq nationality and the Directorate of Dhi Qar, for their efforts in the opening of the first department to issue a unified national card in the province. "

The province of Dhi Qar, based in the city of Nasiriyah, had organized a ceremony at the Cultural Center in Suq to announce the launch of the project of a unified national card, in conjunction with the opening of the Department to issue a national card in the judiciary, and attended the ceremonial head of the provincial council, Hamid Gazan, and a group of deputies and members of the the provincial council, and the director general of nationality, Maj. Gen. Mahdi al-Waeli, and heads of administrative units in the province.

It was a unified national card circle in Suq processing system version of the card and eight computers German origin have been linked Bsarfrat private network has also been training the cadres of the circle in the capital, Baghdad, to manage the project in Suq, in addition to attending a training cadre of Baghdad field to oversee the department's work in the first phase , and the department will receive 96 daily treatment for the issuance of the card to citizens registered them in the circle of market conditions Senate, where the presentation via the electronic form through which to set a date for the review, according to precedence.

He was the governor of Dhi Qar, said in (the 16th of February 2015), maintain that the future application of the consolidated version of the card to be the fourth in which the pilot system will be applied to the single card.

The unified national card means the basis for the strengthening of the national security of the countries, it is an important document for the detection of intruders, and protect the country from illegal immigrants, also will contribute to easing the burden on citizens during their reviews of government departments due to the large archives Althboath be they brought in all at once.