Parliament went to pass the Ministry of Interior Act .., oil and gas


BAGHDAD Shaima Rashid
Expressed Security Committee and Parliamentary Defense, its intention to approve the Interior Ministry Act during the next legislative term, stressing that the law to withdraw from the ministry to add paragraphs suit the current phase, as shown committee of parliamentary power, oil and gas law, the most prominent laws that the Commission intends to approve, at a time House of Representatives resumes the second legislative term sessions, on Tuesday of next week, corresponding to January 19.
A member of the Parliamentary Committee on Security and Defense, the Attorney-Majid Ghraoui: that the government has withdrawn many of the laws of the House of Representatives for re-formulated, and that the Parliament waiting for these laws, noting that his committee demanded to expedite the sending and the Ministry of Interior Act. He Gharrawi, in an interview for «morning» that «the Ministry of Interior Act read the first reading presented for debate in the parliament, before being checked out by the Ministry of Interior since more than four months» pointing out that the process of withdrawal of the law by the ministry, is aimed at «Add some amendments in accordance with the security situation, as well as to reconsider many of the joints of this law,» indicating that «the most prominent will be considered in the law is a process links between departments in the Ministry» He added MP, to reconsider this law demonstrates the ministry's keenness on the formulation of a strong law that guarantees its work effectively, especially in relation to the fight against organized crime in the whole of Iraq.
He Gharrawi, that the Ministry of Interior, as a result of concern and addressing the security file and governmental reforms, select a number of laws in order to work on the wording commensurate with the status quo, as well as the financial situation in which the impact of the adoption of some of the law-making process.
In turn, MP from the Commission on oil and energy, Mazen Mezni, that the oil and gas law of the most prominent laws that his committee intends to approval during the next legislative term.
Said Mezni «morning»: The «oil and gas law of the most important laws that the Commission will seek to put in the new legislative term, especially as the political blocs cooperative and that many of the political parties that she met the Commission during multiple periods aspiring passage of this law.»
And see a member of the parliamentary committee, that «the law contains a lot of items that are able to solve the problems with the province» adding that «there is in force a law to protect Iraq's oil wealth is important and necessary,» indicating that the law is still with the government because it contains a lot of shenanigans.
And between Mezni that the Commission requested more than once from the government to speed up the sending oil and gas law, calling on the Commission to be more compatible in order to pass.
For his part, he explained the decision of Parliament, Imad John, that the agenda of the first sessions of the next legislative term «will not be important or sensitive» adding that determines the table the day before or two days of the meeting.
Said John »Sabah» that the Presidency of the Council are decide the agenda and what ready-made threads that can Drjha, as well as topics emergency special such as situations and security issues of concern to the displaced and the status quo »indicating that the liberalization areas by the security forces will be touched him during the first quarter sessions the new legislative, as well as a statement to greet the Iraqi army, he said, adding there may be a request from some lawmakers on the process of the Turkish intervention and the inclusion of a statement about the execution of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr.