Amid criticism parliamentary .. Reconciliation Commission} {presidential begin work
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Thread: Amid criticism parliamentary .. Reconciliation Commission} {presidential begin work

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    Amid criticism parliamentary .. Reconciliation Commission} {presidential begin work

    Amid criticism parliamentary .. Reconciliation Commission} {presidential begin its work

    12 01 2016

    At a time when the Commission on "national reconciliation" initiated the problem by the three presidencies (the Republic, Minister, Parliament) work to submit a working paper containing its program for the next phase, suggested the committee "accountability" in Parliament, it was "Presidential Commission" to the problems and constraints of the future as a result of not having its members " designated "no impact at the grass roots.

    Constraints and problems

    Chairman of the "accountability, justice and reconciliation" in the House of Representatives, Hisham al-Suhail, said in a statement the "morning" that "there is a problem in this committee - is meant here the PEC reconciliation - lies in the choice of some of its members who do not have any impact within the community, which would hamper fully operational. "

    The MP pointed Suhail, that the parliamentary committee of supporters of the work of the Commission "presidential reconciliation", but he also said: "But he lacked the names of new characters could help in the arduous task".

    He also pointed out that "the new which will come by the Committee mentioned, is raising the issue of reconciliation again," he said. "There is ground ready for it, especially after the occupation of gangs (Daash) terrorist to some areas, which led to unite society of sectarianism and rejection."

    Interest in the draft reconciliation

    Suhail called like other deputies to the interest in the draft reconciliation to address the problems that are expected to arise after the liberation of areas of influence "Aldoaash" local and disciples, and to end national differences among the inhabitants of those areas of the Arabs and the Kurds and other people of other nationalities.

    "As well as to bury the strife that can arise between the tribes affected by the crimes (Daash) and those that embraced the gangs of satisfaction during the heat on the country last summer, as well as reprisals that can occur between people of the same region," al-Suhail adds.

    Reconciliation means sacrifices
    In the same context is a member of the House of Representatives for "Civil Alliance" Mithal, the political will in the concept of national reconciliation and social crises are exceeded, stressing that "the issue - is intended here reconciliation - is not a political as much as it bounces at the local and tribal community."
    Said Alaoluse, "morning": Commenting on this subject: "We must recognize that the word reconciliation mean sacrifices against the rights, it can not be us now that we call the victim to be a victim again," pointing out, "I think the community is capable of this, provided that the Aydha Rights ".
    He added: "When we talk about sacrificing rights shall be can the government and the law turned a blind eye to some of the crimes .. but can not be overlooked atrocities that took place against the Yazidis or a crime (Spyker)," noting that "reconciliation subject needs to be promoted in thinking and perception in to pick up things Social".
    Integrated project
    Furthermore, A member of the reconciliation committee "presidential" and its representative in the House of Representatives Jaber Al Jabri, for the three presidencies agreed through periodic meetings on the formation of a higher committee for "national reconciliation" and choose their representatives from independents who have good relations with everyone.
    Jabri said in a statement the "morning" yesterday: "The purpose of it, is to start the implementation of an integrated project of community reconciliation inside and outside Iraq, and set time limits for the implementation of the recommendations that it will reach the committee formed during the next phase."
    Committee members mentioned, recently met with President of the Republic Fuad Masum, who successfully Committee expressed the hope in its mission and to encourage them and provide all the support that Breaking the difficulties in front of her, urging them to move on everyone and make what they can of efforts and serious attempts can serve this project and consequently pour their results in interest should Iraq and its people.

    In his talk, Jabri acknowledged "a lot of challenges in front of the (presidential) most notably of the war on terrorism security challenge at this time, the economic crisis plaguing the country as a result of lower oil prices worldwide."

    No reconciliation with Baathists

    Former MP, he stressed that his committee "will benefit from the logistics capabilities and databases, programs and projects that have been implemented in a timely manner by a committee of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers of reconciliation being Her long experience in this field, as well as to benefit from the expertise of some civil society organizations that have worked on such a Previously he projects. "

    He also noted that the three presidencies will work in harmony high for the success of the work of his committee, for example, the House of Representatives will work on legislation laws can serve its work, while the Council of Ministers will work on the implementation of laws and decisions to facilitate it, either issuing ceremony to implement authentication on a specific resolution on national reconciliation, it would be the task of the Presidency of the Republic, indicating the existence of a proposal to name a representative of the Supreme Judicial Council in Alganh.ochtm al-Suhail, was quoted as saying by emphasizing that "no reconciliation with those hands are stained with the blood of Iraqis, in addition to the exclusion of (the Baathists) of this project," explaining that the agreement had to offer standard paper for the three presidencies and will be the work program after approval.

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