To the attention of Mr. Medhat al-Mahmoud: Justice defeated .. and fell prestige of the judiciary

01/11/2016 12:02

Abdullah Hassan sent a message to the corner of "journalist citizen" in the "obelisk", as an eyewitness to the "vibrations" which touched the justice of the Iraqi judiciary, most notably exemplified in the case of Mr. Adnan Zurfi, which raised a lot of Allgz and interventions after the Supreme Administrative Court ruled in Council the ratification by the State Consultative his dismissal governor of Najaf al-Ashraf ..

"Obelisk" disseminate the message as received literally:

Justice defeated .. and fell prestige of the judiciary

State Fair is a democratic state because it is the state that guarantees the right of the individual and safeguard the freedom and security and gives him the right to a decent living ... and justice is the arbitration conscious and careful of the law ... and the judiciary is the most important factor in this matter and has justice and safeguarded the rights achieved .. When Pierce eliminate penetrates State, and vibrating prestige and chaotic .. It seems that we are faced with such a thing today .. Where seemed on the surface a lot of vibrations that touched the justice of the Iraqi judiciary .. The most prominent of the day the case of Mr. Adnan Zurfi governor of Najaf, which has raised a lot of Allgz and interventions .. What happened, How the Supreme Administrative Court ruled in the ratification by the State Council's decision of dismissal suit stated Mr. Adnan Zurfi .. and what are the pressures that made the court's decision is not politically prosecuted .. law experts believe that the court overlooked the formal and substantive aspects of the case .. a result inevitably imposed political, including pressure from speaking on behalf of reference of which had a gain at the expense of the people of Najaf, though Mr. Medhat al-Mahmoud was present to reveal the legal fallacies in the dismissal of Mr. Zurfi as they are not questioning Mr. Adnan Zurfi by the provincial council which is essential command in the dismissal based on the provisions Article (51) of third parties provinces regularly law in the territory of No. 21 of 2008, which necessitated the questioning by impeachment, and the most that the court deliberately pioneers insistence monitors to commit the crime of miscarriage of justice and kill the judiciary very serious precedent dismiss the case without paying attention to the lack of a cause of dismissal set forth Article (7 / VIII / 1) the four paragraphs of which came exclusively.

Even compare Mr. Mahmood is released from the relevant decisions of the Court, including cases similar to Zrvi to found that the State Council is the Shura Council and the Minister of Justice only thanks all the credit for the Virtue Party to amend the Act and the transfer of important independent judiciary issues Mahmood to eliminate Mr. politicized, however, an executive, and you Gentlemen readers and Mr. Medhat al-Mahmoud These decisions issued by the same court and with advisers to the governor of Diyala, Salahuddin and Dhi Qar to share with them and find plans and drawing so I'm sure this output shows the engineering and professional engineer to develop jurisprudence double was the victim Zurfi ..

Mr. Medhat al-Mahmoud ..

As a result I find that the judiciary is Zurfi has enabled (the court) more than what the court has enabled him .. Here is evidence of Governors of the decisions of some provinces.

See how the sick leave of the Court looked at the issue of the governor of Dhi Qar, considered a legitimate excuse and evasion of Zrvi .. strange contradiction that's what I went to the Administrative Court of its decision No. 240 / S / 2014 dated 03/30/2015 certified as distinct from the Supreme Administrative Court.

See the provisions of Article 51 of the provincial Law No. 21 of 2008 considered due to happen questioning session for the governor of Salahuddin and incident and Juba Zrvi despite the lack of his presence and leave the enjoyment of an official dispatch !!! Which was issued by the Administrative Court in its resolution No. 1566 / S / 2015 dated 12/24/2015

See the provisions of Article 7 / VIII / 1 four paragraphs exclusive for reasons of dismissal and the need proved, in judicial decisions, and Zrvi questions became of interest is sufficient for conviction and this is what we find the Supreme Administrative Court's decision No. 358 / spend Adarrari / discrimination / 2015 Special Deputy governor of Dhi Qar strange diligently of its kind Wu .... ....

What do you want us to say we are eyewitnesses to the murder of justice this and abort the judiciary testament to the political pressure to issue dismissal is based on those pressures .. which has damaged the credibility of the government and the court together ... and this alone is enough to challenge the credibility of the government and going to say that it is located in box politicized provisions that hurt the prestige injury and credibly what happened, how it went Court this doctrine, and why the court did not take into account the assets of the litigation in this matter ... this Masnarafh of Mr. Medhat al-Mahmoud and wait for response ... and the issue of the remains ..