Challenges salaries

Author: Yasser incumbent

01/12/2016 0:00

The problem of employees and pensions insurance are on the table amid calls to search for Aserieih solutions to meet this challenge, here the role of the financial and economic expertise and Alacaymah come to give their opinion on the actual and capable of proposals to overcome this ordeal, it is illogical omission of the seriousness of salaries on the Iraqi situation overall and their implications for major confrontation in which the sons of Iraq repels attack Aldaashah fierce.

Assurances the need to find alternatives to the financial resources of the non-oil unanimously approved by experts, while moving policies stalled, citing wish improvement in oil prices reassurances, uncertain Aobaqraouat is not accurate, and here lies the problem Ğruin self what might does not take placeğ .

We have said in previous columns funneled We frequent taking very seriously as advocated by economists need to search for financial resources and diversify its sources, but no one responded like a guarantor to raise the price of oil, which has become a game-lethal and paper to tame the country and weaken, and it must activate the project, but any them?

Referrals focused on the activation of the productive sectors to replace redemptions drain currencies, and it has to be to speed up the implementation of the central initiative to lend a quick projects yield and controls when lending to guide loans to its goals.

It is important to heal the cell specialized crisis with economists and money BHF out immediate decisions to address crisis and there is an easy procedure, for example, the sale of surplus state properties but through integrated planning on investing, including, without prejudice to the foundation design of the cities and the provinces and used in accordance with the assigned ratings and thus check the resources to support the budget through the reduction of the deficit ratio.