Corruption whales are moving to address the cancellation of the central bank auction

Writings Monday, January 11.2016

It revealed an MP for the coalition of state law Zainab Arif visual that whales corruption of politicians and their representatives intend to form an opposition to the decision to cancel the central bank auction of Iraq that caused the loss of tens of billions of hard currency bloc.

It confirmed in a statement on 'The whales corruption of politicians and their supporters are working behind the scenes to form the largest opposition bloc of the decision to cancel the central bank auction, citing' personal interests ahead when some politicians on the interests of the people '.

Visual and called for the gradual reduction and simple to auction Central Bank, which does not exceed the limits of the difference between the market price and the price of the Central Bank of Iraq, in conjunction with the legislation of the law where did you get this for all officials and party leaders who are above the law.

For its part, it launched the Integrity Commission, a special electronic system to receive complaints and reports the amount of cases of financial and administrative corruption in government departments as well as other means of receiving communications.

According to a statement of the Commission that: 'Under the new system will facilitate the process of obtaining accurate about each complaint data or communication sent by the citizens who are exposed to or witness harassment or cases of blackmail or demand bribes or other situations of reporting suspicions of corruption in government institutions'.

The statement said 'The new system, which will work through its own icon on the main page to the official website of the Commission, provides the ability to take rapid and appropriate measures about each complaint or communication submitted to the Commission to curb the scourge of corruption and deter corrupt according to the law'.