Medhat al-Mahmoud: 8681 suspended until November and activate the recovery of the wanted file


JANUARY 11TH, 2016

Baghdad morning's New:
The head of the federal judiciary Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud, on Monday, that the judiciary continues to recover wanted to eliminate, particularly relating to cases of terrorism and corruption file, while pointed out that the total of detainees throughout Iraq in the month of November reached with October 23316 month suspended.

The head of the judiciary in a press conference held in Baghdad and I followed the "morning new," he "between the Judicial Council resolutions file recovery follow-up in coordination with the foreign and interior ministries to retrieve the convicts and fugitives outside Iraq, particularly relating to issues of integrity and terrorism."

Al Mahmoud added that" the total of detainees throughout Iraq in the month of November reached with October 23316 month suspended was left of them the end of November last only 8681 detainees."

He said al-Mahmoud, said that" the Supreme Judicial Council adopted a number of decisions in its meeting yesterday, including activating the role of the public prosecutor to pursue criminal cases in the investigation League and trial, particularly in cases related to integrity and terrorism and coordination with the judges and the Integrity Commission and stakeholders to resolve such cases in accordance with law, and the follow-up of detainees issues by members of the public prosecution in all appellate areas. The visit attitudes and the headquarters of the investigators and seeking to complete their cases, speed and according to the law. "

On the other hand announced money laundering and economic crime court, on Monday, all taken legal action against 250 banks and companies to convert non-licensed, while the head of the judiciary Medhat al-Mahmoud stressed that 2016 will be the end of the process of setting manual in suits.

The funds and economic crime laundering Court judge Iyad Muhsin ligature in the press conference that "the Council has taken legal action against 250 banks and company money transfer unauthorized," noting that "it was the arrest of 57 suspects and the gang to promote and currency counterfeiting and refer them to the courts concerned."

He ligature that "the accused confessed that the process of counterfeiting taking place in one of the neighboring countries," referring to "conduct an investigation with 18 companies transform Mali accused of financing terrorism in hot spots."

The central bank announced, (December 11 2015) for imposing fines against banks amounted to 400 billion dinars, including 40 banks, indicating that it was punishing 426 financial institution non-banking sanctions several.

He favored the Chairman of the Parliamentary Integrity Talal Zobaie, on Thursday (October 15, 2015) "recovery" substantial funds and figures accused of stealing public money from outside Iraq in the coming days, adding that the next phase there will be committees and tours in the three ministries.