Parliamentary economy reveal near the activation of "electronic collection" to supplement the budget deficit

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Detection of the economic and investment commission in Parliament member Ahmed Kanani, on Sunday, closely activate the "electronic collection" to supplement the financial budget for the current year deficit.

He said Kanani's / scales News /, "The Economic Commission made proposals to improve the collection of funds through an electronic system to supplement the budget money is oil," noting that "the collection of money from the service departments and services tax and fees account for about 16% of the financial Moanh of the country."

He said a member of the economic and investment commission in Parliament, "The collection of electronic reduce corruption and raise the income of the budget to 32%," explaining that "the electronic collection will prepare another source alongside oil to support the country's economy."

This "stressed the economic and investment commission in parliament member Ahmed Kanani's / scales News /, on Sunday, that the domestic industry accounted for only 4% compared to import from abroad, noting that Iraq needs to be a great time to Yahya industry" .anthy 29/34 R.الاقتصاد-الني...نة