Sabri: The government is keen on the transfer of powers to the provinces

Dated: January 11, 2016

BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq confirmed the Information Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Monday, that the issue of the transfer of powers to the provinces are gradually and does not have a dismissive attitude to this process, as some believe, and while noting that the government is keen on the transfer of powers process, pointed out that the Coordinating Committee Supreme supervising the transportation process that takes into account the security situation of the country and the crisis Almalah.oukal spokesman for the Information Office of Saad al-Hadithi in a press statement today: "What has been agreed upon at a meeting of the supreme body coordinating the transfer of powers, it is said to be the transfer to the provinces gradually on stages in succession, and the roof of a time between the year or a year and three months. "He added," The transfer of powers has been direct where the end of August of 2015, so they are going now, as planned, "but he also said," but what happened from merging the Ministries of process and the cancellation and re-structuring of more than twelve Ministry, has also had a negative impact on the transfer of powers ", stressing newborn, that" this delay may be for a few months, but the process has no dismissive of the puppet transfer of powers stance, as some believe, especially since the provinces are represented Committee coordinating, also is unconstitutional under the governorates not organized law province for the year 2008 the rate at which pointed clearly to the process of the transfer of powers. "He newborn that" if the government is keen on the transfer of powers to the provinces process, what Abadi chaired most of the meetings of the coordinating body concerned and continued the process of transfer of powers "pointing out that" the issue and are gradually taken into account the security conditions faced by the country and the financial crisis, especially since this is the first experiment carried out in Iraq, thus may facing the transport process some confusion. "