Abadi discusses maritime transport for the current year investment plan


{Baghdad: Euphrates News} discussed the Minister of Transport and Communications, Bayan Jabr, own sea transport for the current 2016 investment plan.
The ministry said in a statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it, said Monday that "Transport Minister Baqir al-Zubaidi headed the maritime transport sector meeting in the presence of Inspector General of the Ministry of Technical and agent and agency administrative agent and agency directors general of Ports and Maritime and implementation of transport projects, contracts, legal, planning and follow-up and a number of specialists in the maritime field. "

The statement continued, "During the meeting, to discuss the investment plan for 2016 and projects payment projects on credit strategy and projects as well as discuss the tariff set by the formations of other ministries working in the ports and the subject obtained revenue from the work of examination of the goods and equipment for individual containers {Alsonarat} in ports and Mnasftha with the General Administration of Customs and the establishment of arenas late and accumulated by the customs of the containers. "
He pointed out, "it was discussing the needs ports to degrees, training and twinning with international ports, and the development of the Center for Studies and Research in ports as is the objective of comprehensive plan for the ports of the stomach discussion by JICA Japanese then took discuss the issue of giving priority to the ships interoperability working with the company and under Iraqi font name in the entry and the provision of sidewalks in Iraqi ports Bboakhar government. "

"The Director General of Shipping gave a detailed explanation of the company's plan to improve its performance and especially the completion of Maritime Authority Act and the completion of the signing of major agreements with the International Maritime Organization MARBOL.SOLAS.STCW and activating the role of the national carrier being a contender in the interest income and the state treasury."

He concluded that he "was discussed matters own public company for the implementation of transport projects and the mechanics of the payment of dues for the work done for the ports. And Mr. Abdullah and coffee, general manager of the projects detailed information on these benefits and provided art dealer explanation for the completion of Karbala hall at Baghdad International Airport procedures and actions taken to the delivery process through 2016 ".anthy