Jubouri: the blocs to submit proposals for legislation "comprehensive reconciliation"

Union: The head of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri, the political blocs to submit their proposals to the National Reconciliation Commission in the three presidencies, in order to exit the draft comprehensive National Reconciliation Act, and approved the separation of the next parliament. Jubouri said, on Sunday, in his speech during the opening of the second consultative forum for the provinces of Nineveh, Salahuddin and Anbar, held in Arbil, "you Otpettm practical and clear evidence You are able to edit your land and face the enemy together with our armed forces the heroine, as well as the Peshmerga forces The crowd and the tribes, armed forces that fought battle heroes and won the bet in restoring the prestige of the Iraqi military establishment, "adding that" the international effort helped us a lot in the completion of the battle and we do not have additional time to complete more file editing, in 2016 we must keep a clear goal for this a liberation and re-displaced ".
Jubouri Turning to the tribes, noting that "the tribes provided a model in resilience and fortitude, and today presents itself as a mature and informed able to integrate in state institutions," noting that "this is what makes us reliable in the editing project, peace and construction, and we see that the most important can be accomplished in This phase supporting, arming and equipping the clans within the incubator, a crowd Foundation "and follow the Foundation framework" reiterate that he must work on disarmament rapidly, after the redemption of Daash because any delay in it would be dangerous and must be preparing for that early citizen wants to feel safe. " And Reconciliation called on the President of the House of Representatives of the political blocs to "accelerate to submit papers and proposals to the National Reconciliation Commission in the three presidencies, to work out a final and complete form can be submitted to Parliament a bill under the title (the Comprehensive National Reconciliation Act) to work on the approval in the next legislative term." .
And the displaced, al-Jubouri said: "We have to work to end the existence of the camps and that means I need to re-of liberated areas, which we started in Jalawla and Saadia and elsewhere in Diyala, and agreements on areas in Salah al-Din" and stressed the need to "work on finding areas Accommodation for the rest of the camp population, including complexes available in some unstable regions and take advantage of other areas no longer need its people for any reason whatsoever and in coordination with the owners of such housing until liberated other areas accommodate the new number of displaced people and all this requires a government and international support exceptional to ensure non-recurrence of deaths in displacement camps in the rain and cold periods. "
He continued, "we have to face the revenge problems resulting from Daash stage under the auspices of the State Peace and community-Solh and charters clan to avoid disintegration they would have these feuds and disputes," stressing "the need for the salaries of all the occupied territories personnel exchange and the launch because it is not reasonable to punish our people in these areas and they Daash face injustice and brutality, "calling on the government to" exchange such benefits due to them on the state quickly understand the sons and men. "