Jubouri looking unify positions with the Kuwaiti and Lebanese counterpart

01/11/2016 0:00 BAGHDAD - morning
In the framework of his visit to Kuwait, where he arrived yesterday evening search Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, with his Kuwaiti and Lebanese Marzouq Al-Ghanim and Nabih Berri, both separately developments of the regional situation and the importance of unifying towards them positions in addition to the promotion of parliamentary cooperation to serve the common interests, at a time praised it during a speech At the opening ceremony of the second consultative forum for the provinces of Nineveh, Salahuddin and Anbar, which was held in Arbil, the role heroic Armed Forces, which has achieved a historic victory in Ramadi and kissed him in Salah al-Din, is certain that those victories may fail largest armies made armed and trained and experienced, and while noting that « All of staff and justifications for the start of the national reconciliation project »completion stressed that Iraq overcome the most difficult stage, which is on the outskirts of achieving new victories in Salahuddin, Anbar and Nineveh.
Jubouri said at the conference: «While meet the people of opinion and advice from the people of the field together, it means that the problem has become, in the framework of our plan process, Vmenkm begins solution Bajtmaekm weaken the enemy», pointing out that the meeting serves as a «model for the unity of the resolution and orientation».
Addressing al-Jubouri, the Board of Governors of Anbar, Salahuddin and Nineveh, as well as the heads and members of their boards, saying: «I have Otpettm practical evidence is clear that you are able to edit your land and face the enemy along with the heroine of our armed forces that fought battle heroes and won the bet to restore the prestige of the Iraqi military establishment which was renewed us hope by demonstrating its ability to distinct confrontation tactics, planning and professionalism. »
The Chairman of the legislative authority, that the military forces, has been able, despite all the challenges related in time and equipment and weather conditions, to achieve a historic victory in Ramadi and kissed him in Salah al-Din, noting that this victory, may fail the largest armies achieved armed and trained and experienced.
He said al-Jubouri, said that Alsolat, increased the people's confidence in the military establishment in recent times, particularly following the liberation of Ramadi, Iraq, stressing that exceeded the most difficult stage in the battle on the outskirts of the day edit new land in Salahuddin, Anbar and Nineveh.
And between al-Jubouri, to initiate the liberalization of Nineveh process has taken its time in the organization, arranging and training, noting that the people of the province are ready to support the liberated forces, while waiting for the start of the zero hour in order to integrate in this effort and Aaazaroh, adding that the victory the battle of Nineveh conditional on the size of our faith cohesion, togetherness and left differences and problems and side omission of personal and partisan and factional interests and put the interests of Albuld.ofatt Chairman of the House of Representatives, that «the time has come to resolve all administrative and political differences in our provinces under the compromise on the interest of the people and the consensus on solutions that combine and divide and make the political blocs are all in base meet the challenges through participation and sharing in the responsibility for the decision and the results ».oges al-Jubouri, the need to get out of the tunnel crisis through the gate of comprehensive national reconciliation, which confirmed its corners and its justification is complete, leaving nothing more than to start this great historic project, calling on all the political blocs to accelerate to submit papers and proposals of the Commission national reconciliation, as well as to the Committee, which was formed in the presidency to work out a final and complete form can be presented as a bill to the parliament for approval.
The President of the Parliament, the importance of resolving the problem of the displaced, stressing the lack of more options to wait, especially with the onset of winter, calling to work in earnest to end the existence of the camps that are no longer habitable.
Jubouri also warned, during his speech, the risk of growing «Revenge problems resulting from Daash stage» stressing the importance of addressing those risks, and to work to take care of the State Peace and community-Solh and charters clan to avoid disintegration they would have these feuds and disputes, while stressing the need for the salaries of all exchange staff areas occupied by gangs «Daash» calling on the government to speed disbursement of these benefits.
Furthermore, al-Jubouri, arrived on Sunday evening, to the State of Kuwait on an official two-day visit. According to press reports, that the «head of the House of Representatives and his accompanying delegation arrived yesterday to Kuwait on an official two-day visit, and was greeted by the President of the Council of the Nation Marzouq Ali Al-Ghanim and head of the honorary accompanying delegation MP Faisal Al-Shaya and Secretary General of the Council of the Nation Allam Ali Al-Kandari». She reports that «Chargé d'affaires at the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq to Kuwait Yassin al-Jubouri, and Assistant Secretary-General for National Assembly Affairs Guard Maj. Gen. Khalid Alloukit Assistant Secretary-General for the sector of Public Relations and Organizations Mehdi Almtirat, who were part of the delegation that met with al-Jubouri».