Britain infallible looking to invest in Iraq

1/11/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - morning
He called on the President of the Republic Dr. Fuad Masum, the United Kingdom and other EU countries, to double support Iraq in the development of industry and agriculture, and to encourage the arrival of foreign investment, and praised the support of the United Kingdom to Iraq in its war against terrorism.
He infallible, during a meeting with British Ambassador Frank Baker, on Sunday, at the Peace Palace in Baghdad, according to a presidential statement, «morning» received a copy of it, the importance and depth of the friendship between the two countries, stressing the need to strengthen the economic and academic fields as well as military and humanitarian.
The President of the Republic to the importance of doubling the European Union support for the plans of Iraq aimed at ensuring the return of displaced persons to their areas liberated in Anbar and other regions province, expressing confidence the victory of Iraq fully on terrorism, and the progress in order to achieve national reconciliation and community, stressing the importance of United Nations support for the physical and technical in that matter.
For his part, Ambassador Baker Iraq congratulated the liberation of the city of Ramadi and other areas from the control of terrorist groups, noting the importance of relations between his country in Iraq, and the interest of the United Kingdom to continue the British military and humanitarian support for Iraq and the expansion of mutual cooperation between the two friendly countries.