Minister of Commerce: no return to import sugar .. contracted with local laboratories to support national product

Dated: 01/11/2016 Monday 8:08

Iraq today / beauty Bureau
Mohammed Xiaa Sudanese - Secretary of Commerce for directed the ministry to not import sugar entirely and rely on local plants for the production of sugar, as part of a plan to support the national product and self-sufficiency announced, and came in more Xiaa saturated with sugar, quoting the ministry notification "
The ministry's plan this year to give a great support of the national product in the supplement the ration card processed by the ministry requirements, to more than 34 million Iraqi citizens, and four basic materials, are sugar, rice, flour and cooking oil, "and how desalination sugar Iraqi local flavor, we read:" The The ministry went to the Iraqi plants for the production of sugar and oil material, especially since the Iraqi lab who contracted with him, provides a million and two hundred thousand tons of sugar .. while the actual need 800 thousand tons, and we have meetings with the Ministry of Industry, to secure 30 percent of the actual need, while be discussed with an Iraqi plant for the production of liquid oil in order to contract the processing ministry textured oil in the framework of the national product support ", point the minister agency:" This approach will evolve and be our new administrative measures within the framework of total reliance on the national product, but no return for this resolution, which is trying to of which support national industries, keep hard currency, and to prevent cases of fraud and corruption and undermine the work of the corrupt ", and with respect to the first steps contracts with national product:" I began with an Iraqi sugar plant, and work will continue to be for their own self-sufficiency and that the ministry obtained the decision of the Council of Ministers and the Commission economic, necessary to support the national product and national industries, which are committed to its future. "