Iraq seeks to improve the online service and international communications through 2016

2016-01-10 23:23:40 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Revealed the Ministry of Communications, on Sunday, its intention to implement a number of projects during the current 2016, to improve the Internet and international telephone services, indicating that it is negotiating with a company to extend optical cable nautical third.

The Director General of the General Company for Post & Telecommunications, Saleh Hassan, in an interview to the (long-Presse), said that "most of the 16 companies contracting with the Ministry of Communications to pass international capacities across the national network and border crossings, completed its work," adding that "other companies are facing some problems with neighboring countries, which is not related to Iraq on them. "

Hassan added, that "The ministry will end during the current 2016, extending access optical networks in all Iraqi provinces," noting that "companies that will implement the project will be responsible for maintenance and delivery of service to the citizens that the management and operation are, however, the General Company for Post & Telecommunications."

Director-General of promise, that those "projects there will be a quantum leap in communications services through the force of photosynthesis," stressing that "the company is currently working on two projects with Iran and Kuwait concerning the Iraqi international calls with them, in order to ensure their quality and lower their prices."

He said Hassan, that "the negotiation phase with Tata to extend optical cable across the sea Company is the third of its kind."

The Ministry of Communications announced in the (second from October last in 2015), for its contract with seven companies are equipped with the Internet, in order to ensure the achievement of the competition and provide better service to all the provinces, expected to contribute to increasing the quality of service and lower their prices mid-year the current 2016.