Trade stop importing sugar and confirms contract with a local labs to support the national product

2016-01-10 19:19:16 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Minister of Commerce announced the agency Mohamed Xiaa Sudan, on Sunday, headed for the ministry not to import sugar, as he pointed to rely entirely on local laboratories in the framework of a plan to support the national product and self-sufficiency.

Said Mohammed Xiaa Sudanese in a statement that "the ministry has decided not to import sugar and rely on local laboratories in outfitted," noting that "the ministry's plan for the current year, give great support of the national product in the supplement the ration card processed by the ministry's requirements for more than 34 million Iraqi citizens and four articles It is a basic sugar, rice, flour and cooking oil. "

He said the Sudanese, that "The ministry went to the Iraqi plants for the production of sugar, cooking oil and we have meetings with the Ministry of Industry to secure 30 percent of the actual need," noting that "the Iraqi lab who contracted with him provides a million and two hundred thousand tons of sugar while the actual need 800 thousand tons in It is discussed with an Iraqi plant for the production of liquid oil contract for processing textured oil ministry in the framework of the national product support. "

He pointed Xiaa that "this approach will evolve and be our new administrative procedures within the framework of total reliance on the national product and no return for this resolution, which is trying through support national industries and maintain hard currency and prevent cases of fraud and corruption and undermine the work of the corrupt."

Sudan said that "steps contracts with the national product began with an Iraqi sugar plant and will continue to work to achieve self-sufficiency, especially as the ministry obtained the decision of the Council of Ministers and the Economic Commission obliged the national product and national support industries which are committed to its future."

It is said that the Ministry of Commerce announced on Wednesday (December 30, 2015), contracting with local companies for the processing of the ration card items, and as pointed out contract with the union plant in Babylon for processing textured sugar, confirmed that 2016 will be a year rely on the national product.

The Minister of Trade and agency Mohammed Shia 'Al Sudani, confirmed Thursday (24-12-2015), stop the import of sugar and fill the need for Iraq from domestic production, and as pointed out seek to support the national product and the private sector for the development of the economic sector, stressed the need for confidence in the national product and its development.

And the Minister of Trade and agency Mohamed Xiaa Sudanese, in (6 December 2015), public companies associated with its import abide by the decision of government to support the national product in relation to vocabulary ration card, revealing the calls for industrial sectors and the Iraqi laboratories to conduct a formal contracts for the processing of the ration card items, while calling to the development of Iraqi industries.

The Council of Ministers approved, in (26 October 2015), to require the Commerce Department based on local product coverage in the ration card needs of sugar, while a ministerial committee to offset the price of the form in accordance with the international data exchange.