Rushdi Said judged capable and happy my dream is capable of 180 years in prison

10-01-2016Dohuk - fraternity News
Dohuk court sentenced in absentia to 180 years in prison against Rushdi Said able and happy my dream is capable under suits from citizens of Dohuk against them so as to breach contracts between them and the citizens who have signed up to apartments and residential units.
He said the ruling Fathi Ali Behzad, the verdicts of which was approved by nearly 140 call, either ruling Aziz Mohammed Saeed has ratified more than 72 court ruling.
And recorded the referee's decisions in the police station (Nowruz and Dasnea) to notify the defendants and published in two local newspapers and they have the right to veto the decisions of the referee for a period of one month from the date of publication of decisions in local newspapers dated December 2015 20 otherwise the would have been taken have become final.