Trust in the power of administrative and financial follow-up to collect energy wages to investment companies

Baghdad / follow-up justice - 1:19 - 01/10/2016

He confirmed that the prices of electricity bills will be half the price of generators civil
Entrusted the Ministry of Electricity administrative and financial follow-up affairs for the collection of energy wages to local and international investment companies .ozkr spokesman for the ministry Musab teacher told {Euphrates News} "The ministry is working to follow the privatization plan in the field of electric power through, entrusting the energy saving and the collection of wages to corporate functions global and local investment, "pointing out that" the companies will work on the administration to financial and administrative affairs as well as the rehabilitation of stations "He pointed out that" companies Ststhsal wages set by the ministry and the same pricing, but it will be running with wages that are met in edema citizens ".ousot House of Representatives In the sixteenth of December last paragraph 23 of the general budget for Paljbaah law.
The Ministry of Electricity in the twenty-eighth of last month's collection of 3 billion dinars wages for electricity for the month of December in Rusafa.
On the other hand decided the Ministry of Electricity, be your bills imposed on citizens prices half generators civil prices and with the participation of local and international companies in the process of billing the distribution and collection of collection, according to Aljdid.oukal spokesman Electricity Minister Mohammed Fathi told {Euphrates News}, the electric meter "The electricity distribution and reap the collection process will be with the participation of some discreet and well-known local and international companies will distribute electrical measurements on all areas of Baghdad and other provinces; for the purpose of alleviating the burden of the ministry for the collection and make money, especially since the citizen is unable to pay the levy." He noted that the "collection rates will be the same price that reap the Ministry of Electricity, or a little more; but not at the price of generators civil, but much lower than Hawally half." He continued, saying that "work is continuing for two months in the Zayouna area where transmitted to these companies has been distributed smart scales; for they are eligible for investment as a commercial and well organized, and will qualify the rest of areas of the capital Baghdad gradually and will be forwarded to these companies."