Movements make tourism the second financial resource after oil

1001 2016
Shares project (single window) launched by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities after the approval of the Cabinet by the increase in the number of arrivals of tourists from all countries of the world to Iraq, whether they are willing to visit holy sites or within exploration or internal or external missions tourist trips.

However, the tourism sector has not seen a major breakthrough and the discharge to the presence of several reasons, which the government aims to overcome what it the second resource after oil.

Plans to invest sector

The ministry hopes and future plans within the tourism sector to make an important pillar of support for the Iraqi economy.

According to specialists in the tourism regard, the sector has seen a sharp decline over the past decades against the backdrop of war and the many crises that gripped the country, requires a finding based on the real facts to invest in a scientific manner, the fact that what has been in this regard, over the past years, does not rise to future plans the required level, raises an important question as to how it should do so.

The ministry, for its part had been opened during the past year, a number of museums in the country, which was closed for various reasons, the most important of the Iraqi Museum in Baghdad and the Museum of Nasiriyah in Dhi Qar province, also in the process of opening other museums in Samawa, Wasit, Karbala, during the current year.

Single-window project

Project (single window) launched by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, which merged with the culture in the month of August, released by the representatives of all the government agencies responsible for issuing access external and internal Kozara feature as well as other security authorities, as shares in issue (Visa) in the fastest as possible, and that the ministry confirmed that thanks to this project, which reduced the time of issuance of the month to nearly four days only.

Director of media relations at the ministry Qasim Sudan said in a statement »Sabah», the single-window easy to project the entry of tourists into the country from various nationalities, which reflected positive effects in increasing the number significantly, especially pilgrims, contributing to amplify fiscal revenue of the state, as well as creation of new jobs for the unemployed in the tourism sector, which is full of promising projects within Baghdad and the provinces all, returned the tourism sector, one of the important factors for the entry of foreign currency into the country, not to mention what will contribute to its operation to other sectors such as companies tourism and transport of all kinds, hotels and restaurants and markets selling antique collectibles, heritage and the owners of crafts and trades and occupations that are related to the sector directly or indirectly.

It is said that the price of (visa) for a single entry into the country, worth up to $ 40, while a list price of under $ 30 a tourist group.
The head of the Tourism Authority of the Ministry Mahmoud Al-Zubaidi had said earlier last month, the determination of his ministry application project (Visa e) which enters within the framework of the single window is currently applied to the project, pointing out that the project will contribute to shortcut the time of issue (visa) to a few hours instead of four days now.
766 hotels
Sudanese and pointed out that his ministry is working continuously on the follow-up hotels, restaurants and tour companies to ensure the provision of better services to tourists in various provinces, noting that Mlakatha accompany tourist delegations from airports and border crossings until the residence in hotels.
The number of hotels operating according to the latest statistics of the Ministry of Planning 0.766 hotels, of which 11 were classified as having excellent score, with 55 of them holds a first-class rating, while the rest of the hotel are distributed between the second, third and fourth.
Share capital Baghdad and at the college preparation hotels 0.182 while the number reached in the provinces of Karbala and Najaf, 279 and 229 respectively, while the share of the province of Basra characterized by large economic and trade heavily, did not exceed the 29 hotels.
Baghdad crossroads of tourism
Director of Information Department, relationships and added that his ministry was opened in the month of April, Baghdad meeting place for tourism in the presence of deputies and managers of tourist companies, the forum returned «important message» to all countries of the world read that Baghdad is safe and stable.
He pointed out that as such forums, which participated by more than 40 companies, that will restore Iraq's status to the ranks of developed countries in the field of tourism being possesses strong attraction areas of the shrines and religious shrines, as well as historical and heritage sites as well as resorts and various resorts, whether in the north or the south .

He stressed that the activation of the tourism sector would feed the government's good revenues during the current year contribute to offset the decline of global oil prices, which has affected the country's budget, by attracting large number of tourists or the competent companies to transfer them, noting that his ministry is seeking and in future plans to make tourism sector, the second pillar of the Iraqi economy after oil.

Iraqi antiquities smuggled

He revealed Sudanese from the receipt of his ministry during the last world 483 artifacts from the US Embassy in Baghdad, which had been obtained by its forces during a raid on a headquarters of the gangs «Daash» terrorist, noting that the ministry has organized an exhibition of those recovered pieces in the Iraqi Museum in Baghdad building.

He pointed out that his ministry is continuing to monitor, track and prosecute all effects traded by gangs «Daash» criminal in order to be recovered, adding that the artifacts received by the ministry, which was tuned to one dens «Daash», but it is a physical evidence is overwhelming on the trading of those terrorist gangs Iraqi antiquities .

He said the Director of Information Department and relations continued coordination with the Organization (UNESCO), the United Nations, which articulated that those efforts resulted in the issuance of UN resolutions and activities important for the good of the country, most recently the launch of an international campaign of the city (Bonn) German solidarity with Iraqi antiquities.

Foreign exploration missions

And operates US, British, Italian and French city of Ur archaeological in Nasiriyah exploration missions within the province of Dhi Qar, which includes about 1,200 archaeological site most of which dates back to the era of the dawn of dynasties and civilizations Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian and Achaemenid and Alvrthyh and Sassanid and Islamic era, and is one of the richest Iraqi cities, sites of archaeological mission, as it includes the house Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and the historical Ziggurat of Ur, as well as a royal tomb, the Palace and the Temple of Holeki (bear Lal Mach), which is the oldest court in history.

And handed Mission (Aston Brook America) to the Iraqi Museum during the past month, dozens of important artifacts after the end of the season Altoqata within the city of Nasiriyah, as will continue its work four years to come, also ended the French exploration mission during the same period, the off-season first exploratory in (city-by-) archaeological Dhi Qar province, and to return to complete their work during the current year, which will continue over five years, and found that mission 150 artifacts, including seals and a tractor and inscriptions show that the city was the religious capital in the era of the dawn of breeds, specifically the year 2500 BC, and return another try French exploration in the province to 82 years ago.
The British mission will operate in the offline site (Tel Khyber) Indeed, at a distance of 30 km northwest of Ur on the banks of the Euphrates River, and return this site to the era of the first dynasty Sea, up to the seventeenth century BC.
It is important to find the statements administrative unit occupies one-third of the site amounting to eight acres area, which has been used in the control of river transport and control the exchange of goods between the cities of Ur, which lies on the north such as (Larsa) and (Uruk).
The Italian mission of the University of Rome who visited the city of Nasiriyah during the previous years, the off-season in the fifth exploratory site ended (Abu Tabarh) actually just eight kilometers south of Nasiriyah, which dates back to King Sargon of Akkad any era in 2500 BC.
Sudanese between in this regard that the work of the international excavation missions in Dhi Qar comes within the framework of signed agreements with the effects and specific circle time ceilings, and includes agreement on the involvement of local angels accompany the mission work, including at least four archaeologists in every season, in order to develop their expertise and strengthen links with global expertise in this field.
In the context of connected, French exploration mission discovered in the vicinity of the temple site after the north of the province.

The Chairperson of the Commission of Tourism and Antiquities in the Dhi Qar province generations al-Moussawi told the reporter »Sabah»: The French exploration mission, which completed the season exploratory at the site after the hand victory north of the province found many discoveries, including the area around an ancient temple and pottery and seals and many coins.

It showed that these effects are delivered to Inspectorate effects of Dhi Qar, and the Museum of Nasiriyah to be delivered later to the National Museum in Baghdad, calling on the international exploration missions archaeologists to come to the province and excavated.

Iraqi National Museum

In the past month of March, the Ministry of the Iraqi National Museum opened 12 years after the closing, all the 23 halls after the update, and display new acquisitions, and private buildings were added Kalastrahat and visitors to the museum cafeteria.

And arranged civilizations halls in the museum, according to presented? Where the halls of the oldest civilizations are at the beginning of the museum and visitor whenever deepen the effects of the more advanced civilizations to the latest up to the Islamic monuments at the end of the museum.

The museum displays during the month of April 2003 for the largest robbery and theft of Antiquities in history, it was stolen from him and the rest of the Iraqi museums? More than 15 thousand artifacts and millions of documents? However, the government has managed with the help of several international destinations as (UNESCO)? Restoration of about five thousand pieces of them and seeks to recover other stolen items? While the bulk of the archives of the Iraqi state is present in the United States still in.

The Iraqi Museum, one of the oldest museums in the Middle East? It dates back to its founding year? 1923 and includes archaeological collections chronicling the history of the civilizations of Mesopotamia, which is the oldest and historically most important.

In this regard, he said the Director of Media Relations Department at the ministry, said that the opening of the museum this time came in response to the destruction of gangs «Daash» terrorist raised in the city of Mosul, adding that his ministry is continuing the opening of museums in a number of provinces.

And dissemination of terrorists «Daash», in February, a video clip of its components shows they Ahhmon artifacts in Mosul Museum with hammers and hand excavators (drills), while smashed statues on the wall of Nineveh, the Assyrian, most notably the winged bull, using excavators hand, claiming that it is pagan idols and may not be retained.
The opening of Nasiriyah Museum
With regard to the ministry's plan to open a number of museums, Sudanese detect the opening of Nasiriyah Museum of Dhi Qar province in the past year after being closed for 24 years, pointing out that he has been provided with 600 artifacts, including 198 pieces dating back to the era of the Babylonian, handed exploration mission British from the University of Manchester to his ministry.
For his part, Director of the Museums Department in the ministry, Ahmed Kamel Mohammed in a statement »Sabah»: that his department is preparing for the grand opening of Samawah Museum during the current year, which will feature a number of important archaeological pieces, pointing out that his ministry and in the future plans seek to opening Museums in the provinces of Wasit and Karbala, Maysan.
He stressed that the austerity is reflected in the work of the ministry, pointing out that the opening of these museums will contribute to increasing fiscal revenue earned and thus support the work of the ministry in this regard.
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