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Parliamentary calls "a major economic revolution" in Iraq

01/09/2016 20:10

BAGHDAD / Obelisk: he called the Parliamentary Finance Committee member Hossam punitive, Saturday, to begin with "a major economic revolution" to confront the current financial crisis experienced by the country, while stressing the need to launch a "major campaign" to support the national industry.

He said punitive in a statement published by the local media and I followed, "obelisk", that "the current financial crisis we are experiencing requires a concerted and cooperation of all the faithful in order to overcome them and move forward in the country to the ranks of developed countries, there are several proposals that would add considerable financial resources into the treasury of the Iraqi state." He pointed out that "among those proposals is launching a major campaign to support the national industry and stop the import of products that have local alternatives."

Punitive and urged the importance of "activating the tariff at all border crossing points, including the Kurdistan region, and stimulate the private sector by starting to contract with major international companies to implement a number of residential, service and health projects and even security in a way payment on credit, which will provide many job opportunities and reduce the pressure on the rate Government to create jobs and reduce unemployment. "

Punitive and called for "the need for the government with the help of experts of finance and economy and to begin a major economic revolution to save the country from a bad financial situation and meet the aspiration and hopes of the citizens," and urged to "speed up the resolution of this serious file and not to cause obtaining a severe crisis that could lead us into the abyss."

He emphasized the punitive "the importance of reviewing auction currency at the central bank and find other means to keep the Iraqi dinar exchange rate, and the launch of an internal bonds for citizens and an interest rate of not less than 7% instead of the foreign loans of up Voidha to more than 10%."

The House of Representatives voted in (December 16, 2015) by a vote of those present on the draft budget law for fiscal 2016 valued at more than 105 trillion dinars, and a deficit of more than 24 trillion dinars, considered on the basis of the price of a barrel of oil to 45 dollars.