Abadi announced in 2016 to eliminate corruption

| (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad announced Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Saturday, 2016 in the eradication of corruption, and among that corruption has no religion or doctrine, he pointed to the existence of "collusion" between the corrupt and "terrorists." Ebadi said in a speech during celebration of the Interior Ministry on the occasion of the ninety-fourth anniversary of the founding of the Iraqi police in Baghdad, said he "may not be that there is corruption unacceptable and corruption is unacceptable, all the corruption is unacceptable and must be fought as hard as we can". He announced Abadi, "in 2016 in the eradication of corruption," he by saying, "It is not permissible that cover the corrupt or defend, and we must fight corruption in all its strength and win it." He added Abadi, that "corruption is not a religion or doctrine or affiliation," noting that "all criminal and intelligence investigations prove that there was collusion between corrupt and terrorists. "It is noteworthy that al-Abadi said, Wednesday (23 September 2015), corruption" terrorism "of another kind, the corrupt, describing as" mafias and gangs of the owners.

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