A list of 65 abductees were released in Razzazah
Anbar - Iraq Press - January 9
: Deputy reported Anbar province on Saturday, the release of 65 abductees in Razzazah were taken to Samarra on their way to Baghdad ", hoping" to release all the abducted 1,200. " Without referring to the party responsible for the abduction.
He MP, Ahmed Attia milkfish, his profile in the social networking site, that released from Anbar are all sons of: 1. Mohsen Hassan Hilal 2. Rashid Ahmed Hussein, 3 Mohamed Mahmoud Abdel 4 Mansour Hussein Ammash 5 Qais Hamdan Mejbel 6 spokesman Mohammad Ahmed 7 Khalil Habib Abdul 8 Imad Turkish Mekhlef 9 Khalil Ibrahim Allawi, 10 Saad Gabe Turkish 11 Ali Abdullah Mohammed 12 Nazim cream pink 13 Amer good Arabs 14 Mustafa Karim Hamad 15 Ali Ahmed Tehran 16 Jassim Mohammed San 17 Muhammad Faraj Hassan 18 Ahmed Marei Hassan 19 Hussein Ali Aziz, 20, Ahmed Shehab Hamad, 21, Abdul Karim Abdul Latif Abdul 22 Mohamed Taas Hammoud 23 Abdalmamn Hakki Ismail 24 Hazem Zeil 25 Mohammed Rokan Abdul Razzaq 26 Iyad Rashid Younis 27 Ahmed Khairy Abdul 28 Abdul Karim Nazem cream 29 Ahmed Habib Ahmed 30 harbinger Syrian Abdul Karim 31 facilitator Afar Hussein 32 Nazim Mohammed Jassim, 33 corners Iyad nice 34 Raed Ibrahim Abawi 35 Ali Ahmed Hussein, 36 Maher Maaov Grad 37 Khaled Abdullah Awad 38 Nazim Abdul Baki Kalpoh 39 Khalid Hammadi Abdul Razzaq 40 beauty Farhan Hamadi 41 Barakat Mamdouh return 42 Barjas Joseph Burgess 43 useful Khamis Gabe 44 happiest Jassim Mohammed, 45, Bashar fixed Noman 46 on behalf of Abdullah Ezzedine 47 Ahmed Zubarah happy 48 Rahim Khudair Awad 49 Maher behind Vnos 50 Rashid Ahmed Hussein, 51 Mohammed Khudair rain 52 Ismail Mohamed Ahmed 53 Khalid Abdul Ibrahim, 54 Salah Abdul Nile 55 Ahmed Abbas Hamadi, 56 behind Awad Kurdish 57 Abdul Daaj Sayer 58 Mahmoud Yassin Mohammed 59 Khalaf Jassim Mohammed, 60 Naji Khaled Jassem 61 Waddah Mahdi Saleh 62 Ali Hussein Hammoud, 63 Muhannad Hussein licentious 64 Abdul Muhammad Rizki 65 Mount Mohammed Khashan.
The MP for the province of Anbar, Ahmed milkfish, urged the Iraqi government earlier disclosure of those who kidnap, and reveal the fate of the kidnapped, confirming the number of civilians abducted in the area Razzazah 1200 people.

He said milkfish in a statement, "Since nearly a month Anbar youth exposed to cases of kidnapping in some areas and we have noted above to the existence of cases of kidnapping in the Thar Thar area," adding that "During this period and for nearly a month, still some armed groups have abducted civilians during their arrival from the cities of Anbar to Baghdad or during their return, despite the lack of any security index them, according to the audit, which are subject to him in the security checkpoints in some cities or even in Anbar Bzabz crossing. "

And between milkfish, that "the cases were concentrated in the hand Rahhaliyah, specifically in Razzazah area under the control of the government, it has exceeded the number of abductees to the present day (1200) people." O.h ended (1)