Partnership Options

Author:Yasser Metwally

10/1/2016 12:00 am

Most experts focused on the importance of a partnership between the public and private sectors, although the approach assumes that there is a market economy»» requirements to leave the State for most of the production and service activities, leaving it to the private sector for planning, oversight and follow-up in accordance with the Constitution.

But what drives the partnership approach? The answer to the good in this stage because many challenges foremost of scarce financial resources and thus social and compressor problems with prevailing regulations and legislation and cutting between her old and leaving space for non-beneficial ijtihad that leads to deeper corruption by applying that surround personal benefits.

The proposal drew my attention by Iraqi National Business Council guaranteed investment and governmental mechanisms by the private sector based on the principle of shared this option is correct where the broken mechanisms and will create jobs for employees of that company in addition to sharing only one with the private sector through the implementation of projects by harnessing the private sector public sector mechanisms.

This option if successful would be an effective means to move to draft privatization after touching the usefulness of these workers participate, this is important to inculcate this culture, then that many mechanisms are disabled find a way to run would help finance the company and provide salaries for its members as well as to benefit from the experience of the private sector to maximize output and profits.

Such partnership requires further contracting and providing banking facilities required the use of contract between Government and the private sector to guarantee projects so that this experience leader in fixing things westthmar available energies to create projects stalled due to lack of funding and a suffocating financial crisis plaguing the country.

From the above we conclude that options for partnership between public and private benefits of a technologist jurisprudence ghiralnavah and tell us in which direction are we going to find a proposal to study and implement.