Haider Ali Jawad - 11/10/2011 AD - 11:48 AM

The director of Lukoil Overseas, Andrei Kozyaev, expressed confidence that the prospects for Iraq in the oil field has no limits, pointing out that the country has no parallel in the world in the field of energy and is capable of producing 10 million barrels per day, while the Company announced that the Southern Oil pumping oil from the Rumaila after being subjected to acts of sabotage.

Kozyaev said in an interview with Russia Today newspaper in French-speaking published on Monday that his company is considering the possibility of expanding its activities in Iraq by engaging in other projects.

And asked the newspaper Kozyaev how convinced the existence of his company in Iraq, as operator, and whether it will continue to develop trade relations with Iraq, he said: "I'm sure more than ever that the international oil companies will be divided into two groups: companies present in Iraq and the companies that do not exist within it." "The prospects of this country does not stop it, and has no parallel in the world."

He Kozyaev said, "Sure, not everything is rosy, there are considerable risks surrounding the work, but this region is the richest in the field of oil and gas does not accept the argument," asserting that Iraq "is capable of producing nearly 10 million barrels of oil a day." .

He continued his Director of LUKOIL "Overall, working conditions suit us and we are investigating the possibility to participate with other projects in Iraq."

Meanwhile, the Southern Oil Company announced that the Iraqi Oil Ministry that the process of oil production in the Rumaila had partially resumed expected to reach normal levels in later on Monday.

The carrier lines of Rumaila to Zubair exposed to bombings and bomb placed under it on Friday evening on Saturday. An official of the Southern Oil Company told AFP on condition of anonymity, said production resumed in the field on Sunday night, and expected production to rise to 460 thousand barrels per day in day on Monday. The field produced by exposure to sabotage the 600 thousand to 650 thousand barrels per day.

The company confirmed on Saturday that crude oil exports not affected by the bombings glory to deliberate acts of sabotage.

It contains Rumaila oil, near the Kuwaiti border, the proven reserves of 17 billion and 7 million barrels, making it one of the largest oil fields in the world.

The Iraq's oil production is 2.009 million barrels per day, is scheduled to rise to 3 million barrels from now until the end of this year, according to oil ministry announced earlier in the week. And Iraq's oil exports account for the largest share of the proceeds of the Iraqi state.