Economist: Iraq will not be affected Iran's oil exports

Date: 01/09/2016 19:25

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Stressed the economic expert on behalf of Antoine, is not affected by Iraq, Iran's oil exports after the lifting of economic sanctions by the beginning of next month.

He said Antoine told / information / that "Iran's oil exports will not significantly affect the Iraqi economy because the Iraqi market is considered an outlet for the production of Iranian whether production was agricultural or industrial and thus give a chance to Tehran to open up to the world more after the lifting of economic sanctions Almzaamh early next month for Iran, "pointing out that" Iran will begin pumping 600 000 barrels per day because they do not want to lose because of fluctuations in the markets, which dominates world oil prices, as well as possession of more than one supplier for the development of its economy. "

He added that "the start of Iran led by oil there will be an increase in global oil and be there offer more for lower demand affects producers of oil and thus the amount of dependence on OPEC's markets," likely by Tehran to "find other markets for its oil as a result of strained relations with the Gulf States ".

The US Secretary of State John Kerry, on Friday, the determination of the United States commitment to nuclear agreement signed with Tehran early next month in exchange for lifting of economic sanctions on Iran. Finished / 25's