Abadi refute Erdogan justify the entry of Turkish troops to Iraq and criticizing Saudi Arabia for culled Tiger

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Maprrh refuted Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the entry of his country's troops to Iraq to fight the terrorist gangs Daash "criticizing at the same time," the Saudi cleric for the execution of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr. " The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said on Friday that the recent attack by Daash last Thursday at Camp Ba'shiqah parties to the city of Mosul in which it resides Qotat Turkish ground justify this troop deployment in hand. He called al-Abbadi in his celebration of the Interior Ministry the 94 anniversary of the founding of the Iraqi police "all States not to escalation and confusion on what we do the work in the face of terrorism and do not want a feud with Turkey or other."
He added that "what feign the presence of forces Turkish in Iraq and said Turkey We are neighbors and we will stay as well but Withdraw your troops from Iraq being present without the permission of government, an attack on Iraq and the Iraqis.
"He pointed Abadi that Turkey", said they are fighting Daash and we told them that they are present on your borders so how come into the hundreds of kilometers into Iraq, this excuse is unacceptable and we are able to fight Daash and if we need we will ask and already asked the countries of this assistance but not foreign troops and repeat for Ananaj to such forces and there is no such forces and the challenge of proving it, "he said." There are no Iranian troops or from any other foreign country, why Turkey sends troops? ".
He said" any soldier from the international coalition comes tasks of training and assistance needed a visa entry to Iraq and Ananaj forces fighter has submitted requests to do so, and we told them to Ananajha but we need a weapon, training and expertise, close air support and even this cover in which the Air Force made ​​and the flight of the Iraqi army, but we stay to the need of flight international coalition.
"The Prime Minister said," We defend Iraq and its land, sovereignty and the fact that Daash It occupied part of Iraqi territory, but this does not give an excuse for any country to go beyond Iraqi sovereignty must be that these countries stand with us and not against us, and help us to Ataiguena and we told them that. "
The new Abadi his call for Turkey "to withdraw its troops from Iraq, because we will not allow the survival of Turkish troops on the ground in Iraq Whatever the reason and we will make every effort within our rights and international law for the exit, as we call upon all nations to stand with Iraq in its war against Daash.
"As Prime Minister warned of the current crisis in the region between Iran and Saudi Arabia because of the execution of cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr and its repercussions to cut off the relationship between Tehran and Riyadh.
"We call to reduce this regional tension is not in the interests of one must respect human rights and respect the scientists and we are in the state and our policy but as a government have no right to the execution of any citizen and no right to Nzj in prison innocent people and tell the world that the Aa_khas one, and this not right for the country, but a human right so it is our right to object to the world of scholars in Saudi Arabia, objected and said this may not be to someone he did not contribute Aoastrk in terrorism, but objected to the words and that was not acceptable and unacceptable to have Will be executed?
"." In Iraq Is can execute anyone opposed to the government and the state, and most of them and the media in Iraq, which, however, opponents of the state over the media with the state, So where freedom, democracy, human right to express himself, and our right to declare it either gets the escalation of regional and threat is not true, it is not acceptable threat region and its people for sectarian infighting is for the benefit of? Do we want a victory Daash and terrorism? ".
He stressed Abadi" We are in Iraq, and we got to the final stages for victory in this year will spend on the military Daash in Iraq and the efforts of the Iraqis, adding that "some of the major countries that have fleets and weapons to dare to go down in battle, but Iraqis They are able to do so and have achieved victory in Tikrit and the rock cliff, gray, Peggy and others not to Daash remains, but the connector is besieged and soon we will go to the city and disabuse them of the terrorists. "
And that "these victories achieved police efforts and the rest of the armed forces and the popular crowd and the sons of the tribes who are fighting together and to defend Iraq and the people of Iraq and the holy sites, "he said." We have serious challenges and great was Otpettm today than during the battles steadfastness in fighting and caught the ground and Astbab security in the liberated areas.
"He explained that" security impose located exclusively for the police and we want to be safe overall a great challenge with the presence of horns trying to stop the march and victories attested by friend and foe, explaining that "Aldoaash failed in all their attempts in all fronts victory and he joined after victory until we liberate every inch."
The Prime Minister emphasized that "these challenges are not only liberated areas, there is the challenge of organized crime and armed robbery in addition to operations terrorist and this requires us to make greater efforts to address them.
"He pointed to" the government's efforts to transfer Security's Interior Ministry army and the armed forces the protector and guardian of the country and be internal tasks chase criminals and outlaws and criminal gangs, and in order to achieve this goal we have to go into a fierce war with terrorism. " .
He said Abadi, that "the war with the first two parts with terrorism and we are winning it and the other of corruption and achieved results out, but you must win it, and until we succeed in this task we have to purify our security first and we must do a massive purge of each corrupt in our machines and not accept that there is corruption unacceptable and acceptable Every corruption is unacceptable and must be punished corrupt the best of what we can from the aggressors on public money, citizens and not to walk their transactions.
"" I declare here that 2016 will be the year the eradication of corruption and start from the Ministry of Interior Flaimkn be won on corruption without cleansing our security agencies and can not be that we cover corrupt they are not of us.
"He stressed" the need to fight corruption with all our strength and we have to Ansthan Balvasudain They have the money and capacity and capabilities but also have satellite TV and many of the media and what is happening in many of the social networking sites are owned by corrupt trying through which subvert the state and the victories of which for their purposes and interests, but we are able to defeat them.
"confirmed Abadi, that" corruption is not a religion or doctrine or affiliation and claims that he is cheating such as terrorism prosecutor of those titles and corrupt the enemies of us all criminal and intelligence investigations prove that there is collusion between corrupt terrorists and can not be terrorism to triumph in Tvjerath only with the cooperation of corrupt him and create an environment for them and this must be the eradication of corruption ".