Iraqi Interior withdraw hundreds of fake identities and the window in Baghdad and the provinces

Twilight News / Interior Ministry announced on Saturday the withdrawal of identities and vacations Directorate where hundreds of fake identities and the window of people they carry it in the capital Baghdad and the rest of the provinces. According to a statement issued by the ministry, the identities and vacations Directorate at the ministry implemented a security exercise in a number of areas of Baghdad and the provinces to the desire of the Directorate not to exploit false identities or window by holders in the implementation of violation of legal regulations. The statement said that the practice resulted in the withdrawal of hundreds of fake identities and the window and take legal action against the holders in accordance with the security and legal controls stipulated.

The statement added that the Interior Minister Mohammed Salem Al Ghabban or the necessity of the continuation of these security practices that will devote direct law and the definition of the seriousness of the use of false identities and the window or that has not made the formal and legal views.

The statement noted that the identities and vacations Directorate in the Ministry of Interior and the desire to open broader prospects for cooperation with the citizens in reporting the violation cases, and everything related to identities and vacations allocated Phone No. (499) or visit the Facebook page can be ( .iq / index.html) to communicate and inquire about all relevant work Directorate cases.