Work: recovery of 126 billion dinars Ktjaozac and 4.5 million people covered by protection network

The Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Mohammad Xiaa Sudanese, announced a $ 126 billion dinars during the last year Asthsaltha of squatters on the social safety net salaries of government employees and retirees.
And transfer to a ministry statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, all Sudanese as saying that "the ministry has managed through the intersection of data with state ministries process and its departments all to recover this amount, as well as a large part of the beneficiaries of social protection of those who have not updated their data with the ministry what summoned to stop their salaries.
"He added that" inventory total number of households that earn salaries and allowances of registered social protection within the ministry's data base in Baghdad and the provinces resulted in the monitoring of about four million and 500 thousand citizens in the increase approved by the Council of Ministers the $ 650 billion dinars to the budget process Network protection, which was up to a trillion and 350 billion dinars, adding that the increase will bring an increase in allocated to the network budget for up to two trillion dinars.
"He explained that" The ministry made ​​the biggest process of field survey in the region in order to enter into force of the Law on Social Protection, where he was appointed in 1250 a researcher socially for this purpose and the opening of 18 continued an office of a bank [Rafidain and Rasheed] to issue a smart card to the beneficiaries of the subsidy of social protection in coordination with the International Company for the smart card, "adding that" social protection body began issuing smart card for beneficiaries of the subsidy from the recorders in their statements of their number 47 thousand base beneficiary Since mid-November of 2015 and in the ministry's headquarters and ports affiliate in Baghdad and the provinces.
"and between the Sudanese that" the lack of necessary for the implementation of the law of financial allocations prevented its implementation over the past year, stressing that it will enter into force not on such amounts as to enable the ministry of Launch allocated to beneficiaries who are new subsidies are below the poverty line, pointing out that the number covered by social subsidy during the third installment of 2015 amounted to [905 619], taking advantage of them [446 876], taking advantage and [458 743] taking advantage.
"He said the Minister of Labour that" The ministry carried out several projects in the area of capacity building including the construction of social protection network capabilities project in collaboration with the World Food Program to support the ration card which was introduced since 2010 at a total cost of about 2.0005 million thousand dollars the reform process, as well as technical assistance and capacity-building program in the field of preparation of the draft Social security in Iraq networks in cooperation with the World Bank and with funding from the Development Fund for technical assistance whose total value amounted to about one million and $ 97 thousand.
"" We also formed the Ministry of Labour also body with disabilities and special needs, which includes a law many privileges granted to disabled in order to raise the profile of this segment through attention to psychological health, education and sports to them aspects, as well as exemptions and other services offered to them.
"He said the Sudanese that" the most important of these privileges are granted health insurance and tests for early detection of free for the disabled and people with special needs disease, pointing out that the ministry conducted during the last quarter of 2015 [50 730] a medical examination professionally for workers in various employment sectors as well as [21112] examination laboratory by conducting Hits [9060] healthy visit and inspection and coordination of the work sites to ensure that occupational safety conditions, which aims to reduce work-related injuries or the occurrence of any cases of obstruction It may occur during the work, as some of the work-related injuries give rise to disabilities physical result of not doing business the right way and do not use personal protective equipment. "
The Minister of Labour to be "among the services provided by the law in the extension of preventive health aspect which tests the various laboratory and analysis early detection of diseases and to develop plans for the implementation of prevention programs and health education, including conducting surveys, laboratory and field services and medical and psychological rehabilitation, health care, primary for women with disabilities or in need of special care.
"And that" the proportion of the deficit for the disabled is determined by the medical committee competent to operate according to the instructions issued by the Ministry of Health under which determine the categories with disabilities and special needs covered by the provisions of the Act, "adding that" the Commission has appointed 250 employees in the care of people with special needs ".