Why the CBI said fraud categories 10 and 25 thousand dinars?

Saturday 09-01-2016 | 10:04:20

Twilight News / director of exports and the Treasury in the Central Bank of Iraq Ihsan al-Yassiri said on Saturday that what appears in the category of 10 thousand dinars edition of the differences is a purely technical subject as focused as increased security codes, and denied the existence of the currency of the two categories of 10 thousand and 25 000 forged traded In domestic markets, he confirmed that the rumors played a role in vogue so conversations which were not limited to the Iraqi currency, but exceeded to the US dollar, which has seen a rise in the past week with little reason.

Yasiri said in a press statement that the two papers are valid in the category of 10 thousand dinars whether whale transparent framework or not shift, and this is with a technical process of the central bank was asked recently by the German printing company enhance safety in that paper.

He added that the 50 000 Iraqi dinars category came Frames White transparent, and category 25 000 also contain this technology.