Abadi popular back down to 47% due to the high frequency of corruption in state institutions

By Mohammed Emad

09/01/2016 12:40

Brother - Baghdad
An opinion poll conducted by Masssh Gallup, in Washington, the unpopularity of the Iraqi prime minister, commander of the armed forces, Haider al-Abadi, saying, "The popularity Abadi fell from 72% in the period in which they took over the presidency of the government, to 47% at the end of last year 2015 ".

It attributed the Gallup specialized polls reasons for declining popularity Abadi "to the popular position of corruption cases, and A_i_raih in government institutions as well as poor public services, despite the military achievements of the Iraqis to recover about 40 per cent of the areas that came under the control of the so-called organized Daash ".

The agency, that "there is an increase in the severity of popular discontent after the worsening cases of financial and administrative corruption and poor public services, which have reached their belief, according to the proportion of up to 75 per cent, up from 67 per cent in the past year."