Parliament excludes government control of the Law on Political Parties

On: Friday 3/9/2012 8:15

Baghdad / range
revealed the Legal Committee in the House of Representatives, on Thursday, in its quest for the enactment of the parties to be the last work under the supervision of an independent body not subject to the executive, noting that the item of the most important party financing the remaining items to complete the legislation of the law.

A member of the Legal Committee of the Parliamentary nice Mustafa, "The Legal Committee is about to finish drafting the law of parties, and concluded that most of the votes in the Committee that oversees the independent parties and formed."
He explained that "the enactment of the parties is an urgent need to organize political action in Iraq, The issue better or not, or delayed, and there is no law complete in all parts of the year. "
The head of the Legal Committee in the House Khaled Shwani has pointed out, earlier, that the draft provided by the Government "copy girl" did not accommodate pluralism in the country and led to overthrow Hosni Mubarak, calling for the introduction of the experience of ancient democracies in the organization of this sensitive topic.
Mustafa pointed out that "the item on the financial resources of the parties and sources of the most important items remaining in the law that we are about to finalize the wording in the nearest time." The legal basis for the formation of parties and political entities still Order No. 97 issued by the civil governor Paul Bremer in 2004, despite the recognition of all parties Baksourh he allows the formation of the party upon the signing of less than (500) people on a wide variety of controls without a detailed matter sources of funding, for example, owning a party to internal system and periodic elections. It is said that the enactment of the parties have been deported since the parliamentary session earlier, but the version presented by the government did not gain the consent of the political blocs that promised restrictive great importance to these parties, as saying Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, said one of the shortcomings of state-building is not the enactment of the parties.