Abadi, announced in 2016, "eliminate corruption" and calls to purge the security forces of "corrupt"

Author: AR, HH
Editor: AR, HH

2016/01/09 12:32

Long-Presse / Baghdad
Said Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said on Saturday that 2016 would be "in the eradication of corruption," and called for a "purge the security forces of the corrupt", and while noting that the investigation "proving the existence of collusion between corrupt terrorists," warned the media and satellite channels run by "corrupt".

Haidar al-Abadi, in a speech during the ceremony, which was organized by the Ministry of Interior anniversary 94 of the founding of the Iraqi police, the ministry's headquarters, the center of the capital, Baghdad, and attended (range Press), said that "2016 will be a year to eradicate corruption and start from the internal organs in the eradication of corruption, because we can not win on corruption even purify ourselves, "noting that" who belongs or claim to belong to us and is not corrupt us shall not cover it or defend it is bad for himself and his clan and our devices. "

He said al-Abadi, addressing the internal employees of "You of will chase the occupation of criminals and outlaws, gangs and in order to achieve this goal we have to fighting a fierce war against corruption and war have a twofold incision terrorism and we are winning it and the corruption we have achieved the results it but we have to win it," noting that "this task It rests with the employees of the Ministry of Interior and the intelligence and security services and this sacred task and even succeed to fight corruption we must first cleanse our organs and we must do a comprehensive cleansing process for all corrupt in our machines." (I think Machines = Political System) -Loop

He continued Abadi he "should not be our corruption is acceptable and another is unacceptable Every corruption is unacceptable The attack on public funds, corruption and abuse of citizens and not to walk the treatment of citizens, arbitrary arrests and complacency in security mission all corruption", stressing that "our union be stronger than the corruption and corrupt Corruption and terrorists have no religion and doctrine and affiliation. "

The Chairman of the Council of Ministers that we "can not underestimate terrorism, which has the money and capacity and capabilities, satellite TV and looking at what is happening in many of the satellite channels of the corrupt who are trying to sabotage the state for their purposes despicable, but we are able to overcome them," pointing out that "the investigations prove the existence of collusion between corrupt and terrorists can not be for terrorism to achieve its objectives only with the cooperation of corrupt him. "

Iraqi police and was founded in (the ninth of January of the year 1922), after the appointment of the police chief of each brigade of brigades police with a number of collaborators to him under the supervision of British officers, and after the 1930 treaty between Iraq and Britain moved operational responsibility entirely into the hands of Iraqi officers remained number British officers who were confined in their advisory and inspection aspects.

In the period between 1944- 1953 set of regulations concerning police matters and management were issued, the first system of high police school, and the system of police officers and non-commissioned officers' salaries set, and continued the general police directorate Kcecchel head in keeping the Iraqi public security, and followed by most of the security configurations.

After 2003, police solved a decision of the American civil governor of Iraq, Paul Bremer, then reconstituted invitation to join the former officers their departments, and a new event to change formations, but the same duties and previous missions.