Dozens demonstrating near the Court of the province of Basra to demand reforms
Friday January 8, 2016
posted scores in demonstrations near the Court of the province of Basra, on Friday, to demand reforms include involved the corruption of administrative and financial officials accountable, while attributed the decline in the number of demonstrators to the status of "frustration" caused by the failure to respond to most of their demands. He said civil rights activist Haidar Abdul Amir Salman in an interview Alsumaria News, said that "dozens of people came out in demonstrations Slmetin near the Office of the province to demand real and broad reforms should include the implicated officials accountable corruption of administrative and financial and recover the money they acquired or caused Bhderha," noting that "some protesters unfurled a banner bearing the image of the girl Yazidi Nadia Murad honor and respect her. "

Salman said that "the decrease in the number of demonstrators back to the injury of a large proportion of them frustrated, since most of the reforms announced by the government during the past few months were not of great importance," adding that "the peaceful demonstrations will continue in Basra every Friday until they respond to our demands, At the forefront of the accused officials accountable corruption of administrative and financial. "In turn, owned by Hassan Mohammed said in an interview with Alsumaria News's," The demonstration, organized by a coordinating demonstrations in Basra came out a few meters away, including a demonstration again participants called for the also conduct reforms include the fight against the phenomenon of administrative and financial corruption. " , explaining that "the second demonstration organized by the Democratic Movement, which consists of political forces highlighted by the Iraqi Communist Party." It is noteworthy that Basra has seen after the middle of last year a lot of demonstrations that participants called for the conduct reforms, has exited the first demonstration of this type in (August 7, 2015 ), also saw the province within the last two months of demonstrations scattered less momentum concentrated in the districts and areas, and also many demonstrations have been organized by the staff in public sector institutions which demanded not to cut their salaries and improve their working conditions and give them more employment rights.