Presidency of the Republic gives the green light to implementation of the budget

09.03.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
BAGHDAD / menopausal Hossam Sam - long endorsed the Presidency on the financial budget of the state in 2012, comes at a time confirmed the Legal Committee in the House of Representatives that the law is now enforceable. A statement issued by the Presidency of the Republic and received a (long) a copy of it yesterday, "she approved the budget of 2012 that passed the House of Representatives late last February. " According to the statement that "the implementation of the budget will be the start of publication in the Official Gazette and retroactively since the beginning of this year." The House of Representatives had voted on 23 February, the approval of the budget bill, the financial for 2012 during its regular hour-long late at night. and declared the House of Representatives on his official revenue from the general budget approved by will be 102 trillion and 326 billion and 898 million dinars and expenditures 117 Trliuna and 122 billion, 930 million and 150 thousand dinars. and tied the expenses of the budget is the largest budget in the history of Iraq's 100 billion and 448 million and 507 thousand and 847 dollars at the price of the dinar on this day. According to the budget bill, the deficit with 14 Trliuna and 796 billion and 32 million and 150 thousand dinars. the other hand, said a spokesman for the Ministry of Planning Abdul-Zahra al-Hindawi, by telephone (range) yesterday, "have not received an official statement to ratify the budget, but we heard it through the media, and if what happened to this thing actually Vstnfz according to the contexts of the public. " Legal Committee of the House of Representatives, in turn confirmed that the law has become final and not disable the government, except those provisions that had been intercepted by the government earlier. The Fadhil Mohammed Jawad, Advisor in the Cabinet said in a press statement three days ago that "the Council of Ministers has not been raised in its weekly meeting a budget and decided to send its observations on the budget to the Federal Court." "The meeting of the Iraqi Council of Ministers agreed not to put a budget again in meetings and rely on the response of the Federal Court over the objections of some paragraphs of the budget." However, the member of the Legal Committee Hassoun Fatlawi said in a telephone conversation with (range) yesterday, "the government must implementation of the budget items are all Bastnchae those that the government recorded observations upon such as Article 35 on pushing forward, which had been the work of Parliament to abolish the voting session on the budget. " It is said that the Committee expressed their disappointment after the government worked to challenge the budget before the Federal Court, said The Council of Ministers to Parliament confiscated the achievements that he canceled payment on credit and instructed to give citizens account for 25 percent of the surplus oil imports, according to a proposal had been submitted by the Sadrist movement, which is expected to be implemented beginning next October.

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