Karbala residents demanding the dismissal of the head of the Supreme Judicial Council

Written by HA

Date: 01/08/2016 17:13

Baghdad - INA / dozens of residents of the province of Karbala systems, on Friday, amid the province demonstration to demand the resignation of the President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Medhat al-Mahmoud, and to give members of the House of Representatives compulsory leave to contribute to solving the financial crisis.

The reporter said Iraqi news agency, said that "dozens of people of the province staged, this afternoon, in a demonstration of Imam Hussein Street in central city center, to demand the resignation of Chief Justice Medhat al-Mahmoud."

"The granting of asylum demonstrators parliamentarians and members of provincial councils for a period of compulsory leave and the elimination of pensions for former MPs because of the financial crisis and to address the austerity."

He said the "demonstrations took place amid a security stresses and the spread of heavy security forces."