Sistani upset to the lack of seriousness Abadi reforms

Dr. Osama Mehdi

GMT 12:10 2016 Friday, January 8th

While preparing activists Iraqi protests against corruption to come out in demonstrations in different cities of Iraq evening Shiite cleric has criticized Iraq's Sistani Friday lack of seriousness of the reforms carried out by al-Abadi since last summer, threatening the position of the last of them .. and student work on building a national army professional .. He also stressed the need to take action to protect the Tigris and Euphrates from harmful pollution.

BAGHDAD: Mr. Ahmed Safi said certified top Shi'ite cleric Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani Friday sermon preacher Karbala (110 km south of Baghdad) during today's sermon which followed up "Elaf" through local channels that the Supreme Shiite demanding since last year, the three powers of the presidencies of the Republic and the parliament and the government and other responsible parties to take serious steps to reform the conditions of the country and the fight against corruption and the prosecution of corrupt senior and spoilers .. He pointed out that the year has passed, and nothing has come clear on the ground, which is a matter of great regret.

He added that the only reference in the present time in this position, referring to the possibility of taking more prominent position of the reluctance of the government to take practical and serious measures against corruption and the prosecution of corrupt senior.

In a statement to them protesters protests said before the start of Tazahratm in different cities of Iraq evening that the three powers had turned its back on the demands of the demonstrators, and no longer Tkthert her, and it seemed clear that the reform packages that raised and statements that rant by the powerful not only been a means to absorb the resentment of the demonstrators.

Jassim said Hilfi one of leaders of the protests in a post on the social networking "Facebook" Friday, and seen by the "Culture" that, since the reasons which prompted people to pretend to still exist, has not been addressed, but it's intensified by the financial crisis resulting from the economic and political It gives the movement failed, this protest movement gaining momentum and Ascending additional dimension.

And at the same level poll conducted by Gallup Masssh known and headquartered in Washington he showed the unpopularity of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi because of the continuing widespread corruption in government institutions and poor public services.

He pointed out that a popular referendum Abadi fell from 72 percent in the period in which the government took over the presidency to 47 percent at the end of last year. He explained that the decline in popularity Abadi comes because of the situation of the people of corruption cases .. also showed growing public discontent with the worsening cases of financial and administrative corruption and poor public services, with the percentage of those who believe that the widespread corruption in government institutions to 75 percent after it was 67 percent higher in the last year.

An invitation to build a national army and a professional

Iraq and the celebration of 95 anniversary Wednesday of the founding of the Iraqi army, supported al-Sistani has indicated that this celebration comes this year, the army engaged in the fiercest fighting and the most difficult in the face of terrorists in defense of the land of Iraq and its people and their sanctities.

He called on the government to the need to work to support and build it and assign the army on the basis of a national professional army to be able to protect Iraq and its citizens of all stripes and their constituents.

Iraqi leaders have said during the founding of the army celebrations of the liberation of Mosul Daash closer than expected by the organization, and pointed to the need to work in order to strengthen its capabilities and restore its prestige and reputation, and edit the narrow loyalties, calling to build on the foundations of sound national and bear arms, however, the state and do not let the armed manifestations outside official institutions through militias or armed groups.

At a time when Iraq celebrated the anniversary of the founding of his army, which formed the first nucleus in 1921, the hopes of Iraqis currently looking to him to save them from the threat of terrorism, which strikes their lives and their hopes cruelly, despite the fact that this army is going through a critical stage after Antekasth in the northern city of Mosul, and then in Ramadi while enabling the organization "Daash" of defeat and occupation of the two cities as a result of conditions on the actual construction of the new army and the nature of loyalties and efficiency of its leaders have been taken grants religiously and nationally it was not too far away from corruption.

The Army is now seeking the support of an international coalition of about 60 Arab and foreign countries to regain his strength and escalate its operations to liberate the territory seized by the organization, including the city of Ramadi, finally, and where the fighting is still going on in more than one Iraqi region.

Government measures required to pollute the rivers Tigris and Euphrates stop

On the environmental conditions of the country's net he indicated that improving and protecting the environment from pollution are the plans of the urgent things because of their relationship to various walks of life.

He said God love the Iraqis to the Tigris and Euphrates big, but these items are not exploited properly provides the country's resources sing on the other, where there is now the excesses of them transformed them and their branches across the country to garbage dumps and sewage, which took constitutes a risk to the lives of citizens and the wealth of the country's agricultural and animal.

He appealed to the certified net citizens and the competent authorities ensure that this important water resources and move away from polluting the rivers practices as this has a negative impact on the lives of citizens and the environment of the country.