Maliki's coalition calling for the cancellation of Kurdistan's share of the general budget

Writings Friday 0.08 January 0.2016

BAGHDAD / National Iraqi News Agency / nina / MP called for a coalition of state law, Abdul Salam al-Maliki, the government and parliament to abolish the province of Kurdistan percentage of the federal budget amounting to 17% after agreement Tnsalhm for oil, he says.

Said in a statement today, the 'Disclaimer Kurdistan region on the implementation of agreements is not new we could not find them during the past period, which followed in 2003, no desire or love for Iraq and his interests and the interests of the people and was the only one obsessed with is the expansion of the depletion of the country's wealth and cooperation with hostile parties to serve the agendas and alleged state '.

He added that 'the Iraqi people fed up with the dispositions of no responsible of Kurdish politicians no longer have any desire in their presence within our government or our Parliament, or even as part of the map of Iraq, so the president Barzani's demands for a referendum on self-determination and to save Iraq from their wickedness,' he said.

He stressed the Attorney-Maliki on 'the need to take a real parliament and the government stance of those Altnslat policy and the first of the separatist Kurdistan Cancel from the original budget of the federal budget, the second re-formation of an Iraqi government that includes all Iraqis and not dealing on the basis of the state within a state'.