An international arena for trade between Iraq and Iran
By: wab1
Date: Thursday, 07-01-2016 01:38 am

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Director of Qazaniyah district in Diyala Mazen Al-khuzai on approval

The conservation principle to establish an international square in the vicinity of the area to trade with Iran, noting that the province is awaiting the green light from Baghdad to begin procedures for establishing the theatre.

Al-khuzaie said in an interview with disciple "Baghdad", "Diyala has agreed in principle to the project to establish an international arena for trade between Iraq and Iran near the common border within Qazaniyah district, 125 km east of Baquba, for trade promotion."

Khuzai said "Diyala management awaits a green light from Baghdad with the official approval for the establishment of direct and open international trading arena that would represent if unopened fundamental turning point in the economy in terms of securing ulat jobs for hundreds of their children".

A senior Iranian delegation had visited days before penalty and discussed a series of vital files including file trading and the possibility of expanding trade.