Attorney Ajman: Iraqi mediator between Saudi Arabia and Iran, seeking to ward off the risk of his people

Chairman of the Committee of Religious Endowments and Religious Affairs representative, stressed that the aim of the Iraqi mediation between Iran and Saudi Arabia is to maintain the security of Iraq and the Iraqi people from regional conflicts. The MP said Abdel Azim Ajman, told all of Iraq [where] that "Iraq seeks to keep regional and international conflicts Division, being a fertile ground for those conflicts."
He added that these conflicts will not affect only the security of Iraq and the Iraqi people, the fact that Iraq today has become Square sectarian conflict.
"He explained," The conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran, Iraq will drag into sectarian strife among Iraqis, "stressing that" the Iraqi intervention came to fend off the threat from Iraq and the Iraqis.
"Ajman He continued, that" Iraq has the climate of sectarian ready to receive the crisis by States regional and international, and the interior also through some radical elements. "saying, he was" not able to parliamentary committee that maintains its own peaceful coexistence among the people, but we we made ​​in the Committee of Religious Endowments parliamentary more than one project to save national unity, including contract agreements for reconciliation.
"He said," We the Commission embarked law to punish anyone who pays to violence and terrorism and seek to be activated in coordination with members of the House of Representatives, "noting," The law contains deterrent penalties for each of help or incites terrorism and violence and we will pass in parliament and voting on ".