Wasit is considering activating the role of the private sector and investment

Discussed Wasit University in scientific symposium ways of activating the role of the private sector and investment, in cooperation with the conservative investment body. According to the Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics Dr. Abbas gesture «morning», the seminar included a discussion of three main axes, the first axis by Dr. Salih Mahdi entitled strategic investment in the Iraqi economy, and the second axis by Dr. Laith Paddy was titled the reality of investment in Wasit province, and ways to develop it, The third axis was titled the reality of investment by the Chairman of the Investment Authority in Wasit honest Howaidy.
He gesture that Wasit province is a good investment environment being one of the agricultural provinces characterized by the presence of fertile agricultural land, and the availability of water resources, the existence of rivers Tigris and Garraf and Dujaili, as well as that the province is of oil-producing provinces, and its geographical location in the center of Iraq advantage of her. The symposium recommended the need to follow the encouraging policies by the central and local governments, and the reduction of the interest rate, and the development of the banking system in a manner to be able to invest real guarantees of financing, and the need to afford each province to determine the rent allocated for investment land instead, and the issuance of legislations and laws and regulations that define the work of investment for Iraq.
Furthermore, committed Wasit Provincial Council all government departments and institutions in the province to conduct an assessment of its performance over the past year.
The president of the Council Mazen Zamili «morning», said the provincial council held an expanded meeting including all departments and institutions of service, security and members of local councils managers in the districts, counties and obliging them the work calendar for their work over the past year.
He noted that the Council also decided to prevent lagging companies sent to it alerts from working in the province within the overall plan for 2015.
He said the meeting resulted in the also the formation of investigative committees in each department in order to follow up the projects completed under the chairmanship of the department director The Committee Engineering Committee will reconstruction in the Council follow-up and the appointment of first vice governor as CEO.
He went on indicating, that the council will be issued an account of the projects that have been implemented over the past year and identify projects that failed because of the incompetence of the executing companies, noting that the (Council) will hold accountable any employee found to be involved corruption and to allocate it to the Integrity Commission, stressing that the supervising engineer will bear the consequences for any project in the event of failure, whatever length of time, as well as follow-up construction of laboratories and not compel the province to accept the lowest bid.