Facilitate procedures for processing electrical counters

Prepared Ministry of Electricity Plan to facilitate residential electric metering processing, during the 16 days after submission of the application to the relevant department. Karkh Electricity Distribution Manager Engineer Ghalib Baqir Mohammed Ali said »Sabah»: The «lack of electric meters in residential units befuddled work Directorate much and contributed to the loss of electrical power during the previous years », noting that the ministry has developed a new mechanism include the setting up of meters in the new household units during the 16 days, and to provide regular measurements, electronic and smart. He added that the engineering and technical staff in the Directorate-General for the distribution of Karkh electricity, squad its subsidiaries continue their campaigns to raise the abuses taking place on the electric grid in order to improve the reality of the network and irregular hours of processing and reduce damage issues and interruptions that you get as a result of these abuses through detachments in charge with the help of men Alkahraba.wachar police that the campaigns are continuing to monitor and raise abuses include the assignment of offenders to the judiciary by instituting proceedings in a competent court, noting the presence of (51) filed a lawsuit against the squatters in commercial areas Kalldorh, Baya and Saidiya neighborhood factor Industrial Zone in Awiridj, in addition to the existence of other lawsuits against defaulters List of electricity to pay wages, as well as monitoring abuses treatment teams (499) case of abuse during the first half of the month of December and the right to take the necessary Asahabha.onashid electricity distribution manager Karkh measures citizens to report cases of abuse to the electrical grid through the hotline (157) through (4) Lines of Zain, and (3) lines free from Asia-Cell, explaining that all complaints within the database to receive complaints center, and given the case presented a special number to receive complaints employees, and sends fast the attitude to the sector concerned to be Marking the position of its completion via the Internet network.