Kirkuk resume pumping oil to Turkey stopped after 10 hours

​A senior official said the Turkish energy sector had been the resumption of pumping oil exports from Kirkuk province that extends through the pipeline to the Turkish port of Ceyhan on Wednesday after the ten-hour due to a technical defect in the Turkish side stopped.
The company, two sources NOC state-run resumption of the flow of oil that.
The company manages fields that export crude through the pipeline.
And the Kurdistan Regional Government use the pipeline to export oil from the disputed fields and fields run North Oil Company, but which are subject to Kurdish control.
The Kurdistan Regional Government's contribution North Oil Company in exports flowing through the pipeline reached 166 thousand and 660 barrels per day on average in November, according to the latest available data.
In last year's exposure to pipeline sabotage on the Iraqi side of the Kurdistan government commissioned hundreds of millions of dollars.
It is produced the bulk of Iraq's oil exports and ship from the southern provinces in Albulad.