Talqani calling on the Iraqi government to the attention of tourism and regards it as an important economic resource

2016-01-07 18:51:51 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Chairman of the Committee of Tourism and Antiquities in the province of Najaf Ashraf Aseel Talqani Council called on the Iraqi government to hire experts economy are putting the role of tourism in the economic resources of the country being started increasing dramatically after 2003.

Talqani said "the government needs to prepare a well thought out plan prepared by experts in the field of tourism for the purpose of promotion and put things necessary to be an economic resource is added to the oil resource."

Noting that the Iraqi state going through a major financial crisis, it must choose the alternatives that have been neglected for years.

We Talqani "We have a mission in Iraq religious tourism we can to support the Iraqi economy by the addition to the archaeological tourism because Iraq has thousands of archaeological sites, if the Iraqi government to exploit and to attract tourists will be another economic resource."

Talqani also confirmed that the Commission of Tourism and Antiquities in holy Najaf Provincial Council is ready to prepare a comprehensive study on religious and archaeological tourism in the province and set them in front of the Council of Ministers for discussion.

It is worth mentioning that the Committee of Tourism and Antiquities in the Najaf provincial council has submitted a detailed report to the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities about the current development of tourism in the province.

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