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    Bgg news 1/6/16

    BGG: OK gang - I'm going to answer some questions...
    BGG: as always use your??
    BGG: Newshounds are welcome to contribute anytime - just hop right in...
    BGG: P.S. while I have been very busy lately our News peeps have been stellar?? yes??
    BGG: They have just loaded you all down with news.
    BGG: and the Copiers/mods basically run the rest of it... TYVM.

    satrib says: I received an email regarding the Stryker post you have on the you think/know whether or not VN may be Revaluing soon?
    satrib says: see...someone does read the

    BGG says to satrib: I am not as hopeful as he is... that seems like a stretch to me... but I pass it on. One never knows.

    satrib says: ok, thank you

    BGG says to satrib: BTW - I get asked all the time - why would I post something I don't COMPLETELY agree with??
    BGG says to satrib :Simple - who am I?? Just because I may or may not agree with "so and so..." doesn't mean I won't pass it on... (AND) we have "culled out" those I believe to be legit CON ARTISTS.

    diagyAAAE says: Is Iraq under Islamic Sharia Law? Are they considered an Islamic Country?

    satrib says: works for me...thank you

    diagyAAAE : Religious Affairs: Do not “sanctity” to borrow from the International Monetary and Iraq is not an Islamic state

    Wednesday 6 January 2016 | 19:21
    BAGHDAD / .. The head of the Committee of Religious Endowments and Religious Affairs Abdel Azim parliamentary Ajman, Wednesday, borrowing from the International Monetary no “sanctity” the fact that Iraq is not an Islamic state and of government is not based on the “Caliphate”.

    He said Ajman’s “Eye Iraq News” that “borrowing and usury is forbidden in Islamic law, but the situation in Iraq and the conditions experienced by the economic higher interest require the borrowing of some countries,” noting that “Iraq does not deal with an Islamic state, so there is a violation of the proceeded through borrowing Including”.

    diagyAAAE says: He said “there are international laws and the Iraq applied even if violated Islamic law, the fact that the supreme interest and the interests of the people requires that governance in Iraq is not an Islamic and succession approach,” stressing that “in the absence of borrowing and not to give the government the salaries of the staff may prompt some employees to different crimes for a living .. In borrowing pays the damage on the Iraqi people. ”
    In what was considered a member of the Committee of Religious Endowments and Religious Affairs MP Salim Chockh Yi, a painful Wednesday, Iraq borrow from the International Monetary Fund “violation” of the provisions of Islamic Sharia law.
    It announced the World Bank, in (December 18, 2015) agreed to give Iraq a loan of one billion and 200 million dollars to help Baghdad in controlling public finances and improve the efficiency of the energy sector and offset the decline in oil prices and the escalating costs of security conditions.

    diagyAAAE says:

    BGG says to diagyAAAE: I don't think that would be accurate... they are heavily "influenced by Islamic teachings" - but generally (and historically) they have been something of a "secularist Muslim country"... what does that mean... not easy to quantify - but they are no Iran.

    BGG says to diagyAAAE: and this - generally - is probably good for us...

    diagyAAAE says: I would have to agree
    diagyAAAE says: It would be against Islamic Law to borrow from IMF if they were
    diagyAAAE says: Learnt

    BGG says to quicktolegit96: I am unaware of as much yet... that doesn't mean they haven't though...

    quicktolegit96 says: THX

    buck says: an article posted in here earlier about the state selling some property and abadi considering raising value of dinar.....would seem if they are willing to sell some assets they really are in financial trouble...did you see the article and do you have a comment ???

    wmawhite says: Deposit Insurance Law does the economy
    1/7/2016 0:00
    BAGHDAD - Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb
    activate cooperation with the international effort Economic contribute to a logical solutions that minimize the effects of the financial crisis that Iraq is going through because of low oil prices, and the requirements phase of the move the other economic sectors (according to Khbayra economy).

    wmawhite says:

    BGG says to wmawhite: Your thoughts??

    BGG says to buck:I doubt I comment on that - the problem in "Dinar Land" is we seem to think every little thing "is it"... some stuff may be just that - "some stuff"...

    sassy says: BGG ?I am excited about the Deposit Insurance law

    BGG says to sassy: then I am glad.
    BGG says to sassy: I hope it's "the one thing"

    sassy says: BGG you are not?
    diagyAAAE says to BGG: BGG Words of Wisdom - "some stuff may just be some stuff"

    BGG says to sassy:Overall - I am... I just don't get as hung up in the day to day stuff...
    BGG says to sassy: as much as I used to.

    sassy says: BGG thanks just thought we have waited on this for many years

    BGG says to sassy: personally - the count down is on... I don't see how the survive much longer without some major economic shift.

    sassy says: BGG I agree

    BGG says to diagyAAAE: TYVM - be thankful I used a "5 letter word"

    wmawhite says to BGG: Just got back in.

    BGG says to wmawhite: Nice... I was worried.

    wmawhite says to BGG: the deposit insurance strengthens the investment law activity and is another sign of them moving to a market driven economy.

    larrykn says: BGG on the10th they are activating the smart cards to deal with tariffs as I understand and was wondering if they did that do you think we might see something then or shortly after?

    BGG says to wmawhite: and that - is about what I'm saying with the "I don't see how the survive much longer without some major economic shift."... comment.

    wmawhite says to BGG: Exactly.......and they are showing us their preparations.
    wmawhite says to BGG:They are preparing for the move.

    BGG says to larrykn:I have long said - "when you see the tariffs you will see a rate"... if they enact a broad tariff structure WITHOUT a rate (or currency shift of some kind) that would help mitigate the damage to the citizens - I WILL BE STUNNED. I am about 99.75% on this one.

    larrykn says: I agree and then that being said I will say YAHOO

    BGG says to larrykn: obviously - anything is possible. However, their own economist have warned them over and over... (AND the IMF is involved now).

    Pablo says: Do we have any more about the news about banks offering 12% I think on new deposits?
    Pablo says :Taking jewels too.

    (7:08 PM)THE BLOG - Dinar Daily NEWS Blog -

    Pablo says: And any other valuables.
    Pablo says: They sound desperate.

    BGG says to Pablo: I think you've mixed internet, FaceBook, Apples and Oranges...
    BGG says to Pablo: and something Poppy said...

    quicktolegit96 says: OH MY...

    BGG says to Pablo: better ask him.

    Pablo says: Okay.

    BGG says to larrykn: I agree - YAHOO!

    joyojoy says: What would the damage be if they RV'd right now?

    wmawhite says to joyojoy: Who said there would be damage?

    BGG says to joyojoy: No damage.

    joyojoy says: just wondering if the RV is going to solve so many economic problems for Iraq, why is it the very last resort for them?

    diagyAAAE says to joyojoy: If you consider 'gettin rich" damage, i'll take it

    BGG says to joyojoy: I have talked about this a lot in the past.

    joyojoy says to BGG: I've only been here a year and some.

    BGG says to joyojoy: there are several "warring factions" within the CBI/GOI... the Shia hardliners obviously care little for the common people. AKA Iran, Syria, Iraq for the last 7-8 years.
    BGG says to joyojoy: The Sunnis/Shia moderates appear to be listening to reason.

    diagyAAAE says: Take the Goggles off, Look at the players on Stage.... What do we see?
    diagyAAAE says: .......

    wmawhite says to joyojoy: Sadly,...............this is where our brains stop working.......a change in the status of the IQD and a change in the value is anything more than an immediate step for Iraq..............however, it is the final step for many of our brains.


    joyojoy says to BGG: so...if they rv , it is not the end of their troubles but isnt it a huge advantage to them? and I'm just ready for them to just do it! LOL

    wmawhite says to quicktolegit96: smart cards have zero to do with the value of the IQD

    BGG says to quicktolegit96: it is not impossible for them to make the smart cards work at 1182 - I don't get why they would though???

    quicktolegit96 says: BGG YES SIR I AGREE, THIS IS IRAQ HAHA

    BGG says to joyojoy : It would be a big short term advantage to the GOI - not the end of troubles. However, gets the ball rolling for the GOI.

    joyojoy says to BGG: tyvm!

    BGG says to Loopback(7:27 PM):
    that is an interesting question... think about it. Likely a 25k note for two larges. This is one of their big problems.

    Pablo says : Is M's lacky still in charge of the CBI? I'm assuming that he's playing ball with all this?

    BGG says to Pablo: Yes, sounds like he's gotten the message though - he does what they want, he gets to live.

    Pablo says: Good motivator.

    BGG says : OK gang - one last ?? Time for supper.

    jtank says: would they have to be international currency for the smart cards? To cross borders to pay in other countries?

    BGG says to jtank: they don't have to - but they will;

    Imperator says: i keep wondering when Governor Keywords will flee Iraq.

    jtank says : whoopow

    Pablo says: I'm surprised that M is still there.

    BGG says to Pablo: he has been AMAZINGLY quiet for a while now.

    Pablo says: Very. Any ideas why?

    BGG says to Pablo: OK gang - Thanks to everyone who helped.
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