I will not compromise on the sovereignty of Iraq and major battles will be launched soon

New defense minister Khaled al-Obeidi, refusing to violate the sovereignty of Iraq, "revealing" near the start of a major battles and military operations. "
Obeidi said in his speech on the occasion of the Ninety-fifth anniversary of the founding of the Iraqi army, said that "reconstruction and rehabilitation and hit the corruption and the corrupt approach will continue to pace up and resolutely spent Sidam momentum and growing weight despite the magnitude of the estate and its weight and limited financial resources."
He pointed out that "The fighting in Tikrit and Baiji, most recently in Ramadi, produced a pattern combat distinct forces and battles atypical established features of strategy and tactical important grounded to the planning unit, centralized command and control and the principle of first leaders, they are Iraqi battles with distinction and minds arms of Iraq was based on the distribution of roles and the integration of performance forces Atdakhlha and Tdadha ".
"As the data fighting and variables singled important roles ranging from intelligence and formations through the great elite of the heroes of the engineering effort and missiles Alkornett and battalions of artillery and mortars and weapons, armor all its formations and all other Alsnov as well as to forget Hawks air and heroes of the military who believe air wonderful pieces of ground sorties combat distinct umbrella exceeded generally accepted standards in the Air Force in the world. "
The al-Obeidi, said that "the features of the fighting on the ground will not gain success accompanying descriptions of logistical and technical support and the requirements to prepare and sustain from the Ministry of Defense and available despite limited financial resources."
He said the "approach of the armed forces operations was guided by the principles of clean war and rules as much as possible, despite the weight of the task and the low ethics of the enemy to reduce the sacrifices among civilians, but that the troops provided humanitarian support and Almanoat trapped because the victory will not be complete, but re-displaced to their areas."
The Minister of Defense that "the battle waged by the country and paid blood and bleeding of resources is the battle of Iraqi sovereignty and dignity which our lines Rouge for those who violate them and exceed them whatever characterization and under any pretexts and justifications."
Obeidi stressed his opposition to the violation of the sovereignty of Iraq, "adding that" Iraq's sovereignty not accept compromise or diligence or political niceties and this national approach and the principles of international transactions and any characterization of this dispute meaning an attempt to mislead and dissolving of the facts. "
"As that battle being waged by our troops are valiant battle for national sovereignty, they battle the whole world in a strategic feature accurate."
He stressed that "the world has become convinced Pmahvzath war variables on Daash and Artdadth to fight this organization Maystdei countries of the world and peace lovers should make redoubled efforts to support Iraq and its army and its economy and rebuild the liberated areas and hit the bases of terrorism and supporting infrastructure and the fight against the thought of evil."
The defense minister said that "this Ayavina but requires us all that provided by friends and brothers, led the international coalition in consulting, training and equipment, advice and overflights, especially combat."
He explained that "dignity for the force except God and the Iraq one unified tent everyone not loyalty, but Iraq is not bullying, but by no other loyalties and no interest is Iraq will help us to build the army in the performance of his duties and without it will go sacrifices in vain and move away from the shores of safety."
The al-Obeidi said "our victory that has been achieved is a victory baptized with blood and the blood of Zakia expensive mixed with love for Iraq and defense rest his soul and sanctities a Almsaddaq and evidence of the unity of the people and Tlahmh, which hit Naaqin trumpet sectarianism and nationalism, racism and Arajiv partition and destroy the unity of the country."
Abdi and pointed out that "pinions days will witness major breakthroughs for the Liberation of the remaining of the country and [coming Aaninoy] is not a slogan of hope and Mahz even approach path and sincerity work, a battle closer than expected and more terrifying than have seen and bear witness and it behooves the armed forces to be on standby to mostly fought Aftrzoa your names and your cities in the book of your army and your people and they develop the meanings of home and unity and for him, and you bet the people and the baptism and conviction, and from there lurks you so be careful vigilant and missed the opportunity for them and Ajhzawa their dreams and this can only come through clean military operations and the performance of professional craftsman-Faisal which is the law and standards of military adjustment in accounting for those who harms or violates these rules or left out. "
He said, "O people of Iraq a year ago, witnessed the proceedings of major events and battles and the challenges of decline and the rise and I hope and Abenaat, hope and Antasart In the midst of this and that we should never forget Baptism and ink for this victory, they are our martyrs and Azna and Tegena and Zhona but glory to them and Kpraiaa and pride, and glory to their parents and other hands caring clean that instilled in them the homeland and martyrdom and redemption values ​​they martyrs of Iraq, and the greetings and appreciation to the wounded of our armed forces. "
He said al-Obeidi, "a tribute to religious reference governance Iraq Fort hippocampus and the guarantor of the unity of the country, meanwhile, was God, divine haven outstanding to stop the collapse and kick Permanent oriented and sponsor and supporter of the fight for the country and maintain the interests of the people it may our deepest admiration and esteem all the meanings of love and appreciation and promise and covenant to walk in the way of reform and construction, fighting until victory is the expeditious help of God. "
As alive and Minister of Defense, "the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces [Haider Abadi, who was in the leadership positions of his army and his troops urging favor of a patron and supporter of motivation for the development and reform and reconstruction."
He praised "all the political blocs and members of the House of Representatives, led by the Committee for Defense and Security Albermanah in support, communication and Aada Almlahzzh aimed, and each state ministries and Hiaitha in support of combat forces on the various support and inform the obligor of the real lupus homeland issues and motivation in which to resolve the fighting."
He concluded by Defense Minister his praise "for partners victory Hitter of the armed forces and the sails Albazlin Isargaran mobilized popular Mujahid and our troops Peshmerga have established our great combat features and victory after victory," calling that "a holiday establishment of the army suitable for concerted Iraqi efforts to unite and overcome their differences and vulva coming biggest victory in Nineveh come to Amehal ".