Kirkuk crashes official working Thursday to incidence between Attlten

Kirkuk Provincial Council decided to disable the official Doom in the province on Thursday, the incidence among Attlten. A statement from the provincial council, the agency received all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, it was "based on a memorandum of its members representatives of the political blocs in the lists of the Provincial Council decides to be regarded as a brief summary 01.07.2016 Thursday a public holiday for all conservative circles of incidence between Attlten."
The next witness on Wednesday, an official holiday on the occasion of the anniversary of the founding of the Iraqi army.
And established the first units of the armed forces during the British Mandate of Iraq, where a regiment of Imam Musa al-Kazim, and took command of the armed forces general headquarters in Baghdad, followed by the formation of the Iraqi air force in 1931, then Iraqi Navy ended in 1937.